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  • DeFre commented on the plugin Digest
    Damn. Exactly what I'm looking for, apart from being for 1.7. Would love to able to migrate, but I just don't know enough about elgg yet...
  • DeFre commented on the plugin Approvenewmembers
    Seeing all the positive comments on this plugin, I have the same question: Is anybody working on an update for this plugin? And while I'm add: I would like to add an extra text field in which new users can describe why they want to join, who they...
  • DeFre commented on the plugin Dutch translation for Elgg 1.8
    Nice. Bedankt!
  • DeFre commented on the plugin Login by email 0.2
    Wondering if this works in 1.8...
  • DeFre commented on the plugin Subscriber
    Hi, Just installed your plugin and so far it's working really good. I was looking for a plugin like this, but with even intenser options: The community I'm building is a rather small group of people (about 50) and the level of participation is...