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  • Cochise commented on the plugin frei-chat integration for Elgg 1.8
    for some reason the chat works fine, but without any CSS. the components are always at the botton of the page and not in a float bar at botton of the window. The windowstake all width, etc. I'm using elgg 1.8.3   Thanks 
  • Cochise commented on the plugin Darkeo Theme
    Well. The problema is in views/default/groups/sidebar/find.php For me the file is ok, but not work. To use the tehme i commented all the content of file. /** */ * Group search$url = elgg_get_site_url() . 'groups/search';$body =...
  • Cochise replied on the discussion topic Slit core and third plugins
    Welll a "core-" prefix will be a great solution. In my experiment of site i disabled dome core "modules" and yes, they are not hard dependencies for system function, but with 73 subfolders in "mod" i clain for some segregation. view reply
  • Cochise added a new discussion topic Speedup by joing js and css files? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi. Profiling my load time, the page the bigges vilain f load time has the big number of files and then, requests. The javascript is more dificult, but the css, in the cache handler is possible join the files in the order after of add the...
  • Cochise commented on the plugin Minify
    Im not see any of these bugs, but the site becomes slower. The page load increase from 6-15 secs to 40-50 secs
  • Cochise commented on the plugin Darkeo Theme
    Today i had the same error of of this link Disabel the darkeo theme was the solution, but I liked the theme. Anyone know how fix this?
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