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  • CoPro commented on the plugin Roles
    @Andras I've just tried the new version and it works now. Grinned a bit when I read the commit log ;) Thanks for the bug fix. I'll checkout the other new (menu) feature soon. Ah and although I didnt mention it .. I tried regex for the "members"...
  • CoPro commented on the plugin Roles
    I just tried a few more things and wanted to let you know the results. First of all I'm wondering why the version of the manual is 1.0.0 and 1.0.2 for the actual plugin in the git repo while it is vice versa in the file one may download on this...
  • CoPro commented on the plugin Roles
    Hey Guys, I can confirm @lim's issue. The only ruleset that's working is the 'menus' array; it hides items as expected. I even merged @lims PR into my code base but it still doesnt work. 'permissions' => array( 'pages' => array( 'file/all'...