About me: Web head internet freak programmer and social networking business owner. I run an IT training business in the UK and produce music in my spare time.

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  • Cliff commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Hi Jeroen. Your plugin looks very popular. It is a great shame you do not have more time to update it (your last update was over 90 days ago). I think this whole open source idea does not work because programmers like yourself are not really being...
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  • Cliff commented on the plugin Alpha Video Gallery
    Just after my post here: I tried your plugin as well, but the same problem with 'missing _token or _ts fields' is occuring. Shame. I am...
  • Cliff commented on the plugin Integrated Video gallery plugin (beta)
    Thanks for that code Divagater. Unfortunately it didn't work for me - I am still getting the 'form is missing _token or _ts fields'. Nice try though. For the meantime, I will go back to using the 1.5 version as, although the 'find video' search does...
  • Cliff commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Hi I am running Elgg 1.7.1 and this plugin looks really great, although I seem to be struggling to do something pretty basic (I might be dumb, but I have tried everything I can!). I would like to put a subscribe checkbox or radio button on the...
  • Cliff replied on the discussion topic Importing user data from ning
    Hi. I just spent a few hours going through a possible specification for importing NING members into Elgg. The database structure of Elgg is pretty unusual, but I had most of it worked out until I suddenly realised the big difference between the... view reply
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