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  • Chalkiex commented on the plugin Videos plugin for elgg 1.8
    Running elgg 1.8.9 and get this message after posting a youtube link Deprecated in 1.8: get_plugin_setting() is deprecated by elgg_get_plugin_setting() Called from [#11] /home/sites/ Any...
  • Chalkiex commented on the plugin izap videos 4.1.3b (24 May, 2012)
    Hi, An amazing plugin but I have now upgraded and can't get any youtube or vimeo links to work - Error saving thumb, unable to write the file on server. I have moved bridge to the top and set the key properly - am I allowed to link to videos that...
  • Chalkiex commented on the plugin Event Manager
    Just installed and tested, still getting an invalid API key error message... I've checked with google and the key is correct - I switched off simple cache and that didn't have any effect. Any ideas?
  • Chalkiex joined the group Event calendar
  • Chalkiex replied on the discussion topic Elgg 1.8.14
    Hi, Just upgraded from 1.8.6 to the latest version and now the plugins page in the admin doesn't load - I just get a Fatal Error Weirdly the front end seems to be working ok... Is this a plugin... view reply
  • Chalkiex added a new discussion topic Stop User changing their password in the group General Discussion
    I have a demo site setup with six demo accounts - I want to display the login credentials on the index page but I don't want these users to have the ability to change the passwords otherwise I will have to reset the users passwords everytime some...
  • Chalkiex commented on the plugin iShouvik Social Pro Template
    Hi Just tested using 1.7.9 uploaded ok but failed to activate the plugin, get form is missing __token or __ts fields Bottom plugin order underneath your riverdashboard... (Which is great by the way). Any ideas?
  • Chalkiex replied on the discussion topic Admin Levels...
    Nice one guys - happy days - right here goes nothin. view reply

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