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  • Bunni added a new discussion topic Changing default setting in the group Elgg Technical Support
    In a few places, Creating a group for example, I want to change the default setting in a drop down menu.  When creating a group the default membership permission is "Closed - Users must be invited".  I want to change this so the default is...
    • What determines the default values for select inputs will almost always be in a view.  For groups, look in mod/groups/views/default/forms/groups/edit.php.  The default is what is sent via "value."

  • Bunni replied on the discussion topic How to show specific user blogs on home page?
    Odd that there is no widget to show blogs. Or am I just overlooking it? view reply
  • Bunni replied on the discussion topic Problem with IE 8
    Thank you folks I think we finally have it. It seems to be working fine now. Now let's see if I can get back to where I was before I got derailed by this.  Thanks so much to all. (I love the spirit of open source code and coders) view reply
  • Bunni replied on the discussion topic Problem with IE 8
    Tried the code shown above and here's what happens: If I go to nowww to log in I enter the username and pwd and click submit. When I click submit it redirects me to the www page where when I try to log in I get redirected to the www login page... view reply
  • Bunni replied on the discussion topic Problem with IE 8
    Sorry it took me so long to come back. I got sideswiped by life.  That took care of the problem. I'm not sure how I should redirect people from the nowww to the www page. My server (dreamhost) offers an option to redirect but when I used that... view reply
  • Bunni replied on the discussion topic Problem with IE 8
    Thanks for the update Cash. I was thinking of deleting and reinstalling everything from scratch cause IE works fine on my test site (which has a lot of plugins but not much real testing yet). I'll wait until you tell me the problem or that you're... view reply
  • Bunni replied on the discussion topic Problem with IE 8
    I'm not sure what you mean by site dependent or browser dependent. I did disable all the plugins but a couple and it didn't help. Then I emptied all data out of MySql and that didn't help either. I did a duplicate site on a different domain with the... view reply
  • Bunni added a new discussion topic Problem with IE 8 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I am really bummed out. Had my system all set to start adding users and found we had a problem with IE. User can register, get validation email and click on the email link to go to page but when they try to login nothing happens. There is no message...
    • Hi there,

      I had the same problem with IE8 as described above (plus a few other people on my floor). I am hosting Elgg, tried all the nifty recommendations (thanks ;)   But this didn't really fix the issue. However, at the same time we were using Google Wave which requires an Add-on, ie the ChromeFrame extension in IE8.

      When I disabled the chromeframe add-on in IE, my problems were gone and when I enabled the add-on I had them back. Just wondering if anybody still has this problem and whether disabling chromeframe did help you.       


    • If none of those tricks work, and if you have this problem in multiple browsers, check to see if your email validation is disabled.  If it's disabled and the user has just registered, they can't log in. 

    • I am having the same issues listed about users can register, but cannot login in any Internet explorer version.  i have my site files on my home web server, but my domain hosting is with an online web hosting company. I forward my doain to the url on my computer, and i use their stealth option in order to hide my ip address in the address bar, so my useres will see the domain name. my site works in firefox and in google chrome, but i cannot log in in internet explorer. the only way that i could log into my website in internet explorer was by clicking Tools-Internet Options-Privacy and sliding the cookies settings from the default medium settings to the lowest settings that Accepts All cookies, and then I was able to log in. i don't want all of my users that vistit my site that use internet explorer to have to do that. My question is, what is it in the elgg cookie settings that makes internet explorer reject logins?