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  • Brew commented on the plugin Modified Custom Index
    I installed on 1.7 but get a 'form missing_Token or_ts field' error after creating an event... Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks Danny
  • Brew added a new discussion topic Soundcloud integration in the group Plugin Development
    I was just wondering if anyone has started work on a soundcloud embedder or soundcloud list style plugin - I cant seem to find one and it seems strange that despite its popularity nobody has tried to integrate it into elgg? I would really like to...
  • Brew replied on the discussion topic Editing existing plugins
    Well not really, like I say Ive pretty much been stabbing in the dark at a lot of issues aswell as looking at a few tuorials etc. Im learning fairly quickly but this one has me totally stumped view reply
  • Brew added a new discussion topic Editing existing plugins in the group Plugin Development
    Hi, I've been building my first elgg site for the past month or so and have edited a few plugs to give my site a little more custom functionailty. The main change I made was to edit a plug to make it simply an html notepad style thing for putting...
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  • Brew added a new discussion topic oxxus in the group General Discussion
    anyone had any experience with these? also considering webgali - any other suggestions would be helpful as this seems a little bit of a minefield for someone starting out like me...
    • Webgalli is good :) They are fast, friendly and very responsive in getting the site set up and I have full cPanel access.
      I worked on my site on localhost and gave them that over in the morning and in the evening my site was up and running :)
      I still have not released it fully, bt just for test users, as I have things/tests to do on it which can be done only on live site. They also have good hosting plans and rates.
      I can recommend them to anyone with no doubts :)

      HaPPy ElGGInG :)

      Do GooD :)

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  • Brew replied on the discussion topic Database/Performance Troubles =[
    Just to let you know the site is only just starting out so will not have heavy traffic for a while but in the future it could get fairly busy - Its not really the registered users want to focus on really but I think maybee Id like more than 5-10... view reply