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  • BobA commented on the plugin Unit Test Runner (PHPUnit)
    Hello, I just copied the Unit Test Runner in my mod folder and enabled the plugin when i enter pg/testing i am getting a blank page. Can any one please let me know did I miss some thing.   Thanks
  • BobA commented on the plugin Facebook Connect V2
    Hello, I tried to install the fbconnect on my website which is not in live. Till now what i did is I enabled the fbconnect which i downloaded. I entered the api key and the secret key in setting. I entered the connect url and connect preview...
  • HI I am using Elgg 1.7 and i downloaded the scrapbook version for 1.7. i copied the walltowall plugin in mod folder but cannot find the reply link or the scrapbook part.  can you please help me in getting scrapbook installed.