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  • Big thanks to iionly and Michele ! :) view reply
  • Hello, I have just installed a plugin: Private Profiles and I wish to add a French translation on the plugin. In the file / mod / private_profiles / languages there is only a German translation (de.php) and English (en.php) ) which is by...
    • Using the Translation Editor plugin as Michele suggested is one way of creating translations of language files.

      But you can also work directly with a language file and translate the strings in an editor. It should work, if you make a copy of en.php that you give the name fr.php and then translate the strings in the fr.php (right of "=>" only). You can also make the translations on your own computer and then upload the finished fr.php file on your server into the languages folder within the Private Profiles plugin. You only need to make sure that you don't save the file with Byte Order Mark (BOM) characters as this will very likely result in issues on your Elgg site. Best would be to save the translated file in UTF8 encoding without BOMs.

      If you are still on Elgg 1.8 and are using the corresponding version of the Private Profiles plugin, you also need to change line at the end to be

      add_translation("fr", $french);

      with the name of the language array also be changed to $french at the top of the file (it's just important that the name of the array is the same in both places; but it's important that the first parameter in the add_translation() function call is "fr" for the French translation).

      For the language file for Elgg 1.9 or newer you don't need to make this adjustment in the language file as the add_translation() function call is no longer necessary in the Private Profiles language files (but the name of the language file must match fr.php now for the French translation).

      Also, you would need to flush the site cache in the admin section of your Elgg site for the changes / additions you made in the language file to take effect. And of course you would need to use French as site language for it to be visible (and also in your own account's user settings to see the French translation to be used).

      If you have a complete French translation for the Private Profiles plugin, you could also send it to me (or make a pull request at the corresponding plugin repo at github). Then I can include your translation in the next release of the Private Profile plugin.

    • Big thanks to iionly and Michele ! :)

  • Merci beaucoup :) Je viens de changer de thème et les modifications sur le footer qui fonctionnaient pas sur le thème par défaut fonctionne maintenant sur le nouveau thème. Comment puis-je changer le lien... view reply
  • Je créer donc un nouveau dossier dans mod puis je créer un sous-dossier views puis etc ? Désolé, je n'ai pas trop compris. view reply
  • FR: Bonjour, j'ai un problème. (je suis français) Je souhaiterais modifier ou supprimer le footer et le lien de ELGG "powered by elgg" simplement et avec la version 2.0.3 de Elgg. Merci d'être...
  • Axzoul replied on the discussion topic Problem with step : " configuration site" , help me plz !
    Hmm .. Doesn't work for me .. ?  *   view reply
  • Axzoul added a new discussion topic Problem with step : " configuration site" , help me plz ! in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi! I am a beginner and would like to install on my ftp elgg (with filezilla ) , in step " Configure site" , He asks me to put an access to the " data directory" and I do not know what it is or how to create folder location or...
    • Read docs again:

      For security reasons, this folder MUST be stored outside of your document root. If you created it under /www/ or /public_html/, you’re doing it wrong.

      View my reply also

      • You need to create the data directory on your own before starting the Elgg installation (for example with filezilla).
      • The data directory SHOULD NOT be inside the public_html directory (security). Create the directory above the public_html directory.
      • Acess permissions of the data directory need to allow the webserver read and write access to the data directory. So, you might have to adjust the permissions after creating the directory.
      • You need to provide the ABSOLUTE PATH to the data directory you've created on the installation of Elgg.

      If in doubt about how to create the data directory and what the absolute path is then ask the support of your webhoster.