About me: I'm testing the product, and it's live and I'm really happy with it. Progress in shaping it is excellent with the assistance of the Elgg community. So a big thank you to all and everyone of you.
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  • Addie commented on the plugin Group Access
    sorry, new acounts being created, verified, then bogus groups being created. I've temp have settings created that admin can only create groups...
  • Addie commented on the plugin Group Access
    Again ask the question, does this plugin or has it been tested on 1.8? Sorry to ask as the plugin is ideal for something negative I'm experiencing and would help with people gettting round Captcha, creating accounts, verifying emails and then...
  • Addie commented on the plugin Robust Groups
    I'm there to ma man, pretty please with sugar on top +1    L-)
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  • Addie commented on the plugin File Tools
    Sorry, school boy error, I'm using 1.8.8 Elgg without not much else plugged bar freind request, drop down on members and groups. I'm trying to keep it as native as possible cos' of gumbee users... Apologies...
  • Addie commented on the plugin File Tools
    Thanks for your good work. I've plugged this in and enabled site wide categories and all seems well but when the picture is uploaded into default folder the picture does not diplay unless it is downloaded. What do I have to enable. As I would like...
  • Addie commented on the plugin Facebook Theme for Elgg 1.8
    Excellent pastiche and seriously do not know the IPR issues of use on a production site.  Also you may have the issue that someone could have FB open and Elgg on separate tabs and could cause fun/mayhem/or nothing... Causes an issue if under...
  • Addie commented on the plugin Bright Blue 1.8
    Ive also seen this when it wants to have "custom index 1.8" either deactivated or moved down. Also be aware if changing folder names after downloading the theme/plugin and then copying to the /elgg/mod folder as the start.php might get unhappy about...