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  • Facebook Timeline ThemeUpdatedRecommendations35Downloads15719

    Elgg Timeline theme built for Elgg 1.8 will make your site behave like Facebook Timeline profile and cover photo pages .

    Tom 25 Dec, 2013 ()

  • My_Radio WidgetUpdatedRecommendations2Downloads832

    My Radio media station is a listener-supported, commercial-free, worldwide. Listen at home or in the office to some of the world's most inspiring music.

    Tom 07 Nov, 2013 ()

  • Elgg HammerUpdatedRecommendations10Downloads3512

    Send Cracker-Jacks, Script-Kiddies, Pingers, Bad Bots, and Spiders packing! Protect your valuable Elgg site resources for genuine users, members or clients..

    Tom 09 Sep, 2013 ()

  • Elgg CaptchaUpdatedRecommendations26Downloads5598

    NO more Google API or alien voices -- Provides captcha like Google’s CAPTCHA – it takes up less space, looks cleaner, and inviting to your site users

    Tom 29 Jan, 2013 ()

  • Elgg LogoutUpdatedRecommendations8Downloads1895

    Provides Elgg logout for all Elgg Themes - Just like Facebook Logout

    Tom 22 Jan, 2013 ()

  • Logout RedirectorUpdatedRecommendations10Downloads233

    Provides Twizanex logout landing page for Elgg 1.8.x Just like Facebook Logout page

    Tom 17 Dec, 2012 ()

  • Add a bottom chat bar similar to Facebook on Facebook_theme for elgg, cool_theme, My cool theme, My Ultimate Cool Theme, WISB theme, and many more themes like facebook

    Tom 13 Nov, 2012 ()