Homepage CMS v1.2

Release Notes

- moved hardcoded style to css class- more sensible view handling - view location got cached and caused issues- more sensible css logic


Known bugs:

- please note that the free_html widget is sometimes flakey due to problems with tinymce and dynamic content.  If it's not working, move the widget to a wide column and refresh the page.

Also note - widget manager has a setting to allow Admins to submit unfiltered HTML in the free_html widget

  • i've got another issue with this plugin; i've added the tagcloud and some other widgets and the tagcloud refuses to stay at the top of the bottom-left column i have chosen.. i drag it to the top of the column but when i refresh the page it is back to the bottom or the middle position. i have seen similar issues with drag and drop in other parts of the site, so possibly this is a more general elgg bug - i don't know how the drag and drop is coded.

  • @ura soul - keep trying to move the widget into different spots, sometimes maybe above the one where you want it to be, i've had similiar problems with the drag and drop, just play with it and you'll get it where you need it eventually, some widgets can be flaky on positioning, especially the freehtml ones.

    Matt if you continue to update this plugin, it possible to give the free html widget borders and headings like the rest of the widgets? I notice too when you add graphics w/ free html that in firefox it will appear the size its correct size of the graphic, then in other browsers like chrome/opera are I think even IE the images are shrunk up and not the correct size for some reason? Only using the freehtml, other graphics appear as they are supposed to be.

  • i've attempted many, many ways to get the tag widget to the top position; so far the bug continues to prevent that from occuring. definitely a bug.

  • i found how to do this widgeting now. ;)
    the error involves the widgets being placed at the bottom of which ever column they are dragged into. so the vertical position is ignored. i found that after the widget is moved into the incorrect bottom location, it can be moved to the top by moving the other widget that already is in the top position into the bottom location instead of moving the bottom to the top.

  • Can this plugin be used with different themes. I'm very happy with my current "Easy Theme" theme and would not want this plugin to alter it except maybe increase the number of columns.

  • It should be theme-independent but it will overwrite the home page.  Only way to find out is to try it.

  • is there any known way of adding text to a free html box that can respond to a change of language?
    i'm thinking this would require a new widget to be created that contains the php for elgg_echo.. but not sure.
    all i want to do is have a box on the homepage with text in it that changes to different languages along with the rest of the text on the site.

  • Nope.  This simply piggybacks off the html widget provided by widget manager - and there's no option for that.  Could modify the plugin to run an eval() on the provided content but that would be a huge security risk - I'd force that to be admin-only but even then...

  • so i really need to create a custom widget for each instance and add it/them in to homepage_cms

  • Like elgg!gal and a few others I have to ask why the freehtml & login boxes have no broders - anyone figured out how to do this yet?

    Also why doesn't this worked in a walled garden?

  • strangely, for me.. i am seeing that the free_html widget now ONLY shows WITH borders.. and i want it to show without borders..
    when i choose 'hide header = yes' and 'no page element style = yes' (or other variations) the widget is rendered with the default widget style, including the header.
    adding a custom css class is also being ignored.

    so for now i am not using the free_html widget and instead adding my own code to the page layout directly.

  • i now have the free_html widget rendering as prefered. i have no idea of what changed to cause the sudden success!

  • BIG ISSUE! ... For various reasons I needed to deactivate this plugin. However, even when deactivated and removed it continues to supply the Widget Manager with the column settings. Now my frontpage is all screwed-up. How can I fix this and place the Widget Manager back into full control with its own default widget placements?

    This is a GIANT BUG!


  • This plugin does not leave any permanent effects.  Most likely you are using cached js and/or css from when the plugin was active.  Flush your caches.

  • @Matt: I am also facing the same problem as Umberger after deactivating the plugin even did the fludh caches but no luck the vidget reminds with lot of colopse all i have to do is again activate the plugin & no other option ..

  • Months later I discover this plugin, buf, reborn my life starting today! :) Thanks Matt.

  • Matt, I implemented this plugin on my Elgg 1.8.16, I will blast!

    It has two small bugs ...

    1. In widgets "free html" does not preserve the "Custom Title".

    2. Leaving the "homepage", the system always tells the admin "Are You sure?" like editing the page would not finish. This is annoying.

  • Emmanuel Simond

    Yes, Thanks! Merci!  

    P.S. Where do we put the translations?

    Not only this new ice addition, others plugins too

  • I have a questions, when managing the index, how can I add a widget for registering?  There is one for Log in, but I would like to have a register widget for new users.  Thanks so much for an awesome plugin!

  • Translations go in the languages directory

    If you want users to register directly in the widget you'll need to create a new widget for it, I don't think one exists

  • i decided to create a custom widget for the homepage today..

    and found that the 'hide header' and 'no page element style' options did not work.

    the solution was to move this plugin and also widget manager to the bottom of the plugin list as obviously one of my plugins was interfering in some way.. i do not yet know which one.

  • i just ran my site through the wc3 html validator and it complains about homepage cms putting a style tag in the page body instead of the head.

    i looked at why this is done and see that the purpose is to pass the column widths for the homepage through to the page from the elgg admin settings.

    this could be resolved by moving that dynamic css / php view to be a part of the other css file for homepage css.. 

    the only downside to this would be that a cache flush would be needed if the column sizes are changed for homepage css.

    since the homepage layout is commonly not changed very often, this would not be a problem for most sites.

  • Sorry for being dumb but I am not finding way how to create/make homepage. I have installations and widget manager alright but what url do I go to create a homepage ? My site/homepage is not there.

    - Install and configure dependencies (widget_manager)
    - Install plugin as normal, to the directory mod/homepage_cms
    - Visit plugin settings to set footer html, home page layout
    - Visit home page to create and arrange widgets

    isit home page to create and arrange widgets - this is where I am lost - my home page always takes to the river activity page and there is no "add widget" option there

  • two questions...

    1. Can this plugin work together with plugin "Custom Index Widget" or is better to use only one of these two plugins ?

    2. Does exists the 1.9.5 version of this Plugin ? If doesn't, do you think you'll do it in the future ?


    Very thanks !

    bye ! 

  • is anyone upgrading this for 1.9 presently?

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