Homepage CMS v1.2

Release Notes

- moved hardcoded style to css class- more sensible view handling - view location got cached and caused issues- more sensible css logic


Known bugs:

- please note that the free_html widget is sometimes flakey due to problems with tinymce and dynamic content.  If it's not working, move the widget to a wide column and refresh the page.

Also note - widget manager has a setting to allow Admins to submit unfiltered HTML in the free_html widget

  • Hey Nick you are back at the Elgging, great!

  • i've had the image slider active on my test site for a few weeks without any issues..
    today it has failed for no reason that i am aware of..
    the chromium debug data says:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 's3Slider'  

    the display is just blank, however the elements have loaded into html.

    anyone have any idea why that might be?

  • idea ? yep ! the word 'slider' does notoccur anywhere in the code of this plugin ;) btw - S3 is nicccce l;-P

  • ah, i see, its from widget manager, i didn't notice that.. i'll look there. thanks

  • knock! knock! anybody home ??
    there's no "ahh" about it ;)
    you're far too experienced with elgg and php coding
    to miss ** simple stuff like this
    and then to have someone else spend time..
    just to tell that you are a llitle little bit short-sighted !;-);X
    i have notced recently that you've done
    this myopia thangz this a fair too many times..
    moare coffee, buddy, coffee !!!

  • i am focussed on much more than elgg presently.

  • Hi!

    Where do I get the required "Priority" plugin?

    Thank you!

  • @Brandy: "priority" is not a plugin that is required. Instead it's required that the priority of the widget manager plugin is lower than the priority of the homepage cms plugin, i.e. you need to place the homepage cms plugin below the widget manager plugin in the plugin list on your site.

  • Hello there .. Ty for the great plugin.

    How can i keep the widget styling on the free Html widgets for non-admin users.

    In other words , i want to free html widgets to look like regular widgets for non-admin users. The "Hide Header" option is not working for me. Thank you.

  • Hi Matt. For some reason version 1.2 does not work for me. I can not see those yellow rulers. I go back to version 1.0 and it works fine. Do I do something wrong?

    I have WidgetManager v4.3 on Elgg v1.8.8. Other things which might be relevant: walled garden setting. OS: Pardus (linux). Browser: Firefox 6.0.2. Regards.

  • Not sure offhand, have you run upgrade.php?  Have you tried completely removing the old version, or did you just overwrite it?

  • I had run the upgrade via the button on admin dashboard. I hit this issue also when I reinstalled the elgg software (on an existing database and data file) where there was no previous occurance of the plugin under the mod dir. But the database had the settings from the previous software, I presume. regs.

  • Hi Matt Beckett can you please show me the code to insert registration in the main page because I only have option to have login and already we have a login at the top of the page


    Thanks in advance

  • You'll need to create a widget with the registration form

  • Hi this is Great, but Can I add a class to the text for the Login (welcome message) I want to make the font bigger and style it up etc..

    I click on advanced on the widget and notice there is an option for custom css class, but not sure what to put in there?




  • This is one of my favorite plugins, the best fix for custom index out there. I really like the fact that you can set the access levels for some of the widgets for loggedout or loggedin users. Also, Matt - I would like to know if its possible to add a free javascript widget somehow, I like the free html but is it possible to do one for java? I am trying to add google+ badge to the main page, but can't figure it out. Thanks.

  • wonderful and in supports ajax, no more navigating away when upload embeded content, like in easytheme or few others I tried.

  • Hello, How can I change the background only to the login page? I´ve modified the plugin CSS but it applies to the entire site.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  • @everyone - you can add custom javascript through the free_html widget if you're an admin, and if the setting in widget manager is to allow admins to post unfiltered.

  • i just noticed that the 'pages/layout/content' view is not activated by this plugin.. as with most other pages, so my new layout is breaking.. i thought that the content view was a standard on in the elgg structure.. any chance you can update this plugin to include it? thanks

  • ah, i'm using 'page/elements/body' instead now, so no bother. :)

  • With the Free HTML Widget when I copy and paste some HTML codes into the box and view it, I can't seem to figure out why it does not have any borders like the rest of the Widgets on the page, it shows a border from the admin side on the homepage but when I view the site there is no border around the Widget or header, you know the box with the Title at the top. Anyone know why and how I can include the border box with title w/ the Free HTML widget?

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