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Bugfixes from 2.1

  • I have a plugin for games, but it doesn't show with either the old or new cool theme.  I'd really like to use this theme, but socialization and gaming is part of the fun and I don't want to exclude that.  If you could tell me how to fix the old one, that would be best!



  • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\egg\mod\WISB-cool_theme-24c7c17\views\default\page\elements\footer.php on line 14

  • Hi Ve / deny 

    I coundn't get delete icon into the river activity page, even after all changes suggested by you :-(

    Please help...



    Ve 496 days ago

    @deny: FIX your FIX edit mod/thewire/views/default/river/object/thewire/create.php

    $summary = elgg_echo("river:create:object:thewire", array($subject_link, $object_link));
            if ($object->canEdit()) {
                echo "<div class='delete_note' style='float:right;'>" . elgg_view("output/confirmlink",array(
                'href' => $vars['url'] . "action/thewire/delete?guid=" . $vars['item']->object_guid,
                'title' => elgg_echo('delete'),
                'text' => elgg_view_icon('delete'),  
                'confirm' => elgg_echo('deleteconfirm'),
                'is_action' => true,
                'priority' => 200,
                )) . "</div>";

  • @shah nawaz

    edit your cool theme views/default/river/object/thewire/create.php

    add this code

  • @ v06

    Still no change after creating folder thewire into cool theme views/default/river/object/ & copy same create.php file :-(

  • @Staszek please help how can we shift name of the site to extreme left because it is overlapping with friends logo and message logo.

    and also how to add a favicon

  • How to make this theme mobile responsive??


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