My Ultimate Cool Theme v2.0.1

Release Notes

Links for user messages corrected for topbar and dashboard

  • FIX: in ultimate_cool_theme/views/default/css/elements/icons.php


    .elgg-avatar-large > a > img{width:181px;height:180px;}


    .elgg-avatar-large > a > img{width:200px;height:200px;}

  • hi i'm trying to put content on the sidebar_alt.php cant get nothing to display it shows nothing  could someone please send me down the right path  with this  i'm not sure i understand how to use this

  • ok i still have a issue with it .. Can anyone please tell me how to add a new menu item..

    I have tried eveyrthing and cant figure it out.. also in the Macox in the plugins says now its missing the start.php.. ive deleted and re uploaded it still get the same error..

  • WHERE is Stan. We have some minor Errors here.

  • found that one in views/default/messageboard...

    //hack! Elgg engine should take care of this, or blog/save form should be coded better
    if (elgg_is_xhr() && isset($vars['entity_guid'])) {
    echo elgg_view_form('messageboard/add', array(), $vars);


    maybe that has sthg. to do..

  • After some fair amount of testing on a reasonably clean Elgg v 1.8.8 installation, there seem to be only 2 issues:

    - If you press the 'cancel' button on the user registration form, then the form is reduced to a strange shape.

    - Coldtrick WidgetManager compatibility issue. If you create a custom index via WidgetManager, at the buttom of the custom index (homepage), you get: "Fatal Error: Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search for more information".... This is bummer because WidgetManager is so useful and many people would want to keep it. At least I definitely do. Also on the homepage the the underscore lines and blue colors of links disappear. They are displayed as normal looking text but still function as links.

    This is indeed a fine theme.

    Regarding co-existence of CoolTheme together with Satheesh's 3 Column River plugin; I have tested with the newest version of 1.8.6 and indeed some widgets look pretty cute with CoolTheme (previously I did not see it because of my WidgetManager defined custom index). I've got no errors during a not-so-deep test.


    Testbed: Elgg 1.8.8 with non-default plugins of ProfileManager, WidgetManager, FriendRequest, CoolTheme, 3ColumnRiverActivity.

  • My site name goes on 2nd line and touchs friends icon in header, how I can fix my site name and move a bit to the left side so it won't go down to the 2nd line?

  • Where did the "likes" go?? There is no option for it anymore when posting to The Wire.

  • By clicking on "View all comments" from a post on the wall, the comments are not visibles. Only is displayed page page with the original post without the comments.

    Temporarily, I solved this by removing the limit of visible comments:

    changed in: mod/cool_theme_ultimate/views/default/river/elements/responses.php

    $comment_count = $object->countComments();

    $comments = elgg_get_annotations(array(
        'guid' => $object->getGUID(),
        'annotation_name' => 'generic_comment',
        'limit' => 0,
        'order_by' => 'n_table.time_created desc'

  • @Stan how to edit the front page for guest and log in user?

    for guest only show the latest blogs , latest pages only,,

    thanks i love this themes

  • one more :D i hope next this themes auto detect for mobile device too :D

  • Hi guys

    Stan, great great theme. Good work!!!!

    I have one question. Which file can I go to to edit login page? I want to put pictures and change background color of login page.



  • @elitter,,,,,,and @Rafael........... try this it worked for me: remove the cool_theme from your mod folder........ then upload it again....... activate it again........... this will make the plugin to the able to be at the bottom of the list of plugins thus being able to recognize every plugin that was installed prior to it,,,,,,

  • I would like to know how to set the third colum (sidebar_alt.php) with the personal actuality!

    Think you for answering me.

  • I have a little problem to comment in the group message'board!

    Think for answering me!

  • Finally I am using the old cool theme again because that is better than this, less bugs :)

    In this new cool theme like button missing in the river and other so many things. 

  • Hi guys

    anyone who has solved the messageboard (for Group Posts) Fatal Error??????????????


  • @Mike  ; at the line 28 of the file /mod/messageboard/action/add.php

    You will see there something like echo $output

    Just remove the echo from there and leave only  $output in the line, then save your file

    It will work 100000% for sure, do let me know if u get any prob.


  • Hi, Stan! Congratulations again for this theme and for your exams.

    I have two questions:

    1- On the description, you say: "You are able to modify the right sidebar in the dashboard". This would be great! Despite this, I'm not finding the way to do that.

    2- Is it possible to place an image in the header bar and in the topbar instead of the name of the site? I've tried with several "logo" plugins, but it's not working properly. I guess that there is an option to change the code of css, but I'm not sure.

    Thank you for your time. I've recommended the two themes!

  • @kiss thanks let me try that solution. thanks a lot.

  • waw. @kis it worked. you made my day. thanks

  • Hi guys,

    Does anyone know how I can make Search and Comments (for commenting on one's post) to have buttons (Post Comment and Search button) literally. Having the textboxes only has a problem when am accessing my site from a mobile-phone because they dont not have Enter to hit, so on a mobile-phone one can't send a comment or search the site.


  • Hi guys,

    My theme (cool_theme) can't show 'upload file' and 'create album'/'upload photo' (for Tidypics plugin) buttons in mobile devices, yet it shows them very well on computer. Please help.

    Am sure the problem is the theme because when i deactivate it, elgg shows all those buttons in mobile devices very well.

    The mobile plugin  I use is mobilize.



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