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Release Notes

Links for user messages corrected for topbar and dashboard

  • @Stan great work! It looks nice. Still I have the problem when I want to post a message on someone's wall, it gives a fatal error. When I refresh, the message has been posted, but there is no option to reply to the message. Is this fixable? :)

  • I do not understand what is the difference between this theme u shared here on this page and on that page

    @dummi05 I have the same issues as you got :)

  • I'd like to see this before I add to my site.  If your running this plugin post a link.  Thanks.

  • @mike : see the screenshot

    @kiss : I corrected some links

    @all : I will look at the message board issue

  • Stan, the screenshot looks great.  Keep up the great work, & thanks for your responsiveness.


    here's a link to the screenshot  ->

    If anyone has a link to a live site please share one.


  • Excellent work Stan! Congrats!!


    What's the meaning of the plugin license?

    License: Expat (MIT) License


  •  Hey! It is a nice theme for Elgg websites. keep it up. For those who want to see how the right sidebar or sidebar_alt of this theme works with Adverts, Adsense and ads, check this out .





  • Nice theme Stan

    but some pages are missing in my site. pages provided by other plugins like games, avatar wall and FAQ

    how can we fix that?

    thanks for the awesome plugin this is 99,9% perfect.


  • it is a really cool theme and a very good upgrade some minor bugs in the river:comment:object and users still can't configure their own  widgets.

  • Hi Stan,

            I like you them, would you be interested in creating a custome theme for me. PM me at

  • In river there is LIKE button missing :D

  • Got  a problem while customizing it.

    We thought about getting some User informations into the Topbar as a dropdown.

    Now it just bursted everything away with this:

    elgg_register_menu_item('topbar', array(
                'href' => "#",
                'name' => 'profile',
                'priority' => 999,
                'section' => 'alt',
                'text' => '',
                'data-toggle' => 'dropdown',
            elgg_register_menu_item('topbar', array(
                'href' => "/profile/$user->username",
                'name' => 'icon',
                'parent_name' => 'profile',
                'section' => 'alt',
                'text' => "<img src=\"{$user->getIconURL($size='medium')}\>",

    Any Idea?


    the img src is the prob, it gets the topbar 2 rowed

  • Stan, which river you are using for this cool theme? does your messageboard work?

    I do not like messageboard wanna uninstall from the root. Can we have wall activity like facebook has in the main home page and users profile? 

    I don't like messageboard and the wire option so much confusing for new members and for myself :(

    Is there any simply wall activity like facebook in the main home page and on users profile?


  • ive installed the theme with no isses.. but i have the social games.. and i cant get it to show up anywhere.. once i went to this theme it doesnt show VIDEOS or GAMES.. how can i get them to show on this new theme?

  • Thanks Stan for this great theme.

    Almost all issues from the prev. version seem to have been resolved. Now it also works fine with Profile Manager. The only issues I have had are:

    - If you press the 'cancel' button on the user registration form, then the form is reduced to a strange shape.

    - At the buttom of the custom index, I have: "Fatal Error: Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search for more information"....

    If you want a facebook-like theme, this is definitely the one to use now. This is a great theme and would be even greater with Photo/Video and Event Manager support!


    Testbed: v1.8.8 with non default plugins of 'Profile Manager','Widget Manager','Friend Request','Cool Theme'.

  • The Video tab shows in the User Section but not in the Main tool bar.. and Games doesnt.. I dont see a way or anywhere to edit it to make them show up on the theme.. otherwise the theme works great with no issues thank.. But if anyone can tell me how to make the plugins show in this theme.. thanks

  • there is an easy way to make them show. Use the  elgg_register_menu_item way. for example that one targets to /elgg on localhost at the topbar.

    elgg_register_menu_item('topbar', array(
                'href' => "localhost/elgg",
                'name' => elgg',
                'priority' => 999,
                'section' => 'alt',
                'text' => 'Link to Elgg',



  • @saik Is there also such an easy way to add new stuff (events, photo, video) in the 'Post' box (the one with the list after 'Share:') ?  Regards.

  • Guys, I installed and uninstalled many times elgg and this theme but all the time gives error when try to post on other user wall.

    Please check if u guys also have the same problem? Do not test as an admin. Try to test as a normal member and post on other user profile wall. You will get Fatal Error that needs to be fixed ASAP.

    Many thanks

  • @kiss.. I logged in as an ordinary user and posted on administrator user's wall. No problems. No fatal error here (I get fatal error at the bottom of index page but it is something different).

    BTW, do you also have the fatal error on the index page and the issue with the login screen after pressing the 'Cancel' button on the registration form?

  • Sorry i dont know what this means


    there is an easy way to make them show. Use the  elgg_register_menu_item way. for example that one targets to /elgg on localhost at the topbar.

    elgg_register_menu_item('topbar', array(
                'href' => "localhost/elgg",
                'name' => elgg',
                'priority' => 999,
                'section' => 'alt',
                'text' => 'Link to Elgg',


    I am searching for the file now.. i have tried to do it in the admin section were u can add menu items.. but they show up on the stock theme.. but if i add any other theme they dont show sorry can you or someoene explain more please

  • @İşöğünçı what version of elgg do you use and which non default elgg plugins? I use 1.8.6 and cool theme gives me the messageboard error everytime.

  • @İşöğünçı  I am using elgg 1.8.6 version with this cool theme and only one plugin I installed called 3 colum activity and other are core plugins. I get fatal error when I post on user profile. But you said you are not getting any fatal error, please may I know which river plugin you are using and which version of elgg u r using? 

    @dummi05  looks like you also have the same issue as I have :(


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