• Thanks for sharing this. We're using shibboleth, but sometimes need LDAP as a fallback.

  • please add an image so we can get your explanation

  • I've installed the plugin without any problem, but I can't find the settings page. Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to access the settings in this new version of LDAP_AUTH?

    The only reference I can find to the page is from this page that claims it's views/default/settings/ldap_auth/edit.php but that doesn't work on my /elgg/ path.

    Any pointers?

    /elgg/views/default/settings/ldap_auth/edit.php gives 

    Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested.

  • Hi,

    I have rewrite a lot of code. Sorry I Have kept the same plugin name.

    In this version all configuration parameters needs to be written directly  in the file



  • The version I've download is ldap_auth/settings.php ok.

    Where is the setting for create user if use does not exist? Is that on be default, or off, or not an option any more? 

  • Will this plugin be able to check the LDAP server to see if the user is already authenticated, or does the user have to login to this even after they login to the authentification server?

  • Well, It creates a user and updates its profile with LDAP informations.

    However, notice that I have rewritten the plugin to match my specific LDAP repo.
    I assume that you will have to adapt the lib/ldap_auth.php functions.
    Actually this plugin fetches information from 3 disctinct LDAP servers.

    An LDAP server doesn't know if a user is logged or not. It only provide the storage of the credentials (login/password) and the ldap_bind function return true when providing a right credentials. You are describing a CAS behaviour. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Authentication_Service

  • I am getting the error - failed to create user - contact administrator.

    I don't get what this line is doing here

     if ($user_guid = register_user($username, "123456", "ldap name", "faux@archi.fr"))


  • Hi,

    if ($user_guid = register_user($username, "123456", "ldap name", "faux@archi.fr"))
    It's a work around, I need to create a user in the DB but I don't want to save real login data in the DB because I want to use only LDAP authentification method and the LDAP password could change over the time.

    After this , there is a call to ldap_auth_check_profile($user); which will update the fields "name" and "email" with real values extracted from the LDAP repo.

    I have disable the registration form since my website is for a Corporate (no public access)

    Hope it helps

  • Ellg`s min length :

    function validate_username($username) {
        global $CONFIG;

        // Basic, check length
        if (!isset($CONFIG->minusername)) {
            $CONFIG->minusername = 4;

    function validate_password($password) {
        global $CONFIG;

        if (!isset($CONFIG->min_password_length)) {
            $CONFIG->min_password_length = 6;

  • after install this plug in. And setting it at

    i try to login using MS Active Direvtory user.

    I got error "Unable to load your user account"

  • @abgLang

    have you found solution for it? if yes kindly share with me

  • So is anyone aware of a fix to this or is it being managed adhoc, everyman for the mselves. it would be great to find out if a solution has been found/sourced.

    We have just done a standard install and linked to Ldap similar i nfact to the settings  in moodle (whichis working)

    Only difference this installed on a seperate virtual server (server2008) using WAMP 0 ellg install working fine just unsure as to the next steps or approach to take to get this to work.

    any helpful advice appreciated

  • Hi all,

    This plugin didn't work for me until I made some changes. The error I was getting was: "Unknown error". The problem is the plugin was searching for "inriaLogin" instead my class object (uid).

    Then, in the file lib/ldap_auth I replaced everywhere "inriaLogin=" for "uid=" . Finally, changes worked.

    It's very annoying the plugin was searching about this :S

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