Release Notes

  • Removed Iframe
  • Chat Room list will appear in Side bar
  • Chat User's photo will be shown on click on the username
  • Option to limit the number of Private Message per user
  • Option to limit the number of Chat Rooms
  • Added how many chat messages to show after refresh...
  • I'm getting an error.

    phpFreeChat cannot be initialized, please correct these errors:

    • 'title' parameter must be a charatere string
    • 'theme' parameter must be a charatere string

    Could you tell me what I need to change these parameters to?

  • @SUSIE,


  • In the older phpfreechat, for 1.7, when a user clicked on another users username a drop down menu would appear asking the user if they wanted to send a private message or view the other users profile.  Would it be possible to add this to this version.

  • @captnbob

    private messaging is already there..... view profile is not there....


  • You need a if file exists in the start.php, it fills my error log with php warnings that the history date files do not exists..


    if(is_file($filepath )){
    $content = file_get_contents($filepath);

    $fileContent .= '<li class="dateD" >'.date('D, F d, Y', strtotime('-'.$i.' Days')).'<li>';

    $fileContent .= $content;


  • phpFreeChat no se puede inicializar, por favor, corregir estos errores:

    • Parámetro de 'title' debe ser una cadena charatere
    • "Tema" parámetro debe ser una cadena charatere
    que debo hacer  gracias 
  • Great plugin but for some reason it wont allow me to write in the text box to poast a message. If you click a smilie it fills the text box with the smiley command but you can actually type in it, therefore cant chat. Do you know why this might be happening?

  • I saw someone else who has created a chatroom with the same script

    There text box works but doesnt have the extra features yours has.

  • I really like this plugin.  It is so much better than the previous version.  I do have a couple of small problems though. 

    Sometimes the text is repeated in the chat room. 

    Also, users are often timed out.  They are timed out when they go to another page as it should be.  But it also happens when a user is still in the chat room.. Suddenly they will just be timed out for some reason.  Even when they are actively chatting.

    Can someone help me with this?

  • if ideal for some time they will be timed out... see the for details

  • very nice plugin ! It's not so easy to find a good chat plugin for Elgg but this one is good :)

    Do you plan to add this chat to groups aswell ? It could be a great feature.

  • @Satheesh, I understand if they are idle for awhile, but this happens while they are actively chatting. has been no help at all for me because this is a plugin.

    @remy, I agree.  It is by far the best going at this time..


  • @mike

    • Delete all files and folders except .htacess in


    • Delete all files and folders except js folder in


    Try that and send me the result...

  • @sam johns, search for a line

    var $timeout = 35000;

    in \mod\chat_pfc\vendors\phpfreechat\src\pfcglobalconfig.class.php

    change that to a time u desire... default is 35 sec that is 35*1000

  • @Satheesh Thanks for a great plugin and the above sorted out my issues,I'm happy to say everything is working fine and my members love it

  • @ Satheesh, I have already tried extending the timeout time.  This causes the user to have a longer wait till they can get back into the chat room.  People are being timed out that post messages less than 10 seconds apart.  I am wondering if it could be a problem somehow with the "pfc_ping"??  But I don't have a clue on how to fix it..

    Thanks Sam.

  • @Satheesh, I had to take the chat room down.  It is now that no one can post a message at all..  As soon as the chat room opens a message appears that you must be connected before sending a message.

    I can't figure it out.

  • how can I remove the chat tab from the home page so that only logged in users can see the chat room button?

  • add a gate keeper gatekeeper() in pages/chat_pfc/index.pp

    below the line     case 'chat':

  • Do you mean adding the text 'gatekeeper() '  just below the line case 'chat' , because I added it and got an error report.

  • I am currently using this plugin, in combination with 3c plugin. On my Chat page, there's 'online frineds' and 'online members' located in 'sidebar_alt', with the chat in the main body, and the 'channel list' located in 'sidebar'. How would I move the 'channel list' to 'sidebar_alt' with 'online members' and 'online friends', preferably on the top of the order? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Little more specific...  I am currently using this plugin, in combination with your 3C river activity plugin...

  • what version of 3C are you using and are you using 3 columns on your entire site?



  • @satheesh just downloaded and havent really looked at any code yet, but any plans for a widget? or would that be to difficult.  If you have no plans and its not to difficult in your opinion might be something i work on myself.  Would love to have something like a featured chat room in a module on my activity page

  • I'm using river activity 3C, and yes I am using 3 columns on the whole site. When I switch to 3C activity/2C site, it removes sidebar_alt, dropping onlime members & friends. I'm hoping to keep online members & friends in sidebar_alt, and have my channel list join them at the top of sidebar_alt.


I will do it because I think I can

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