Release Notes

  • Fixes removing of chat members on editing page
  • Use the word "Send" instead of "Save" when sending a new message
  • Revert back to using hidden class instead of hidden attribute (IE support)
  • Adds German translations
  • Scrolls automatically to the bottom of the message list when receiving a new message

Thank you for providing the two last ones!

  • I want to allow member chat with each other freely suppose if admin create chat named as "general chat" ii should display to all member of the site whoever connected to the website without adding admin as friend is it possible???

  • Yes, it is possible. You need to make a script that adds all new users automatically to the chat.

  • but i dont know how to coding can you suggest me if possible?? 

  • Hi Juho,

    looks like you chat don't work together with the TinyMCE editor. Tryed it with the Elgg version 1.10.5 and version Elgg_1.9_1.10_4.1.8  from @ijonly.

    Brings the error message: chat:error:missing:message

    With the bundled CKEditor it works fine. Any idea?



  • That sounds weird. The chat plugin doesn't have any code that would work only with CKEditor. It should work fine with any editor.

  • Lothar might be having JS issues with another plugin.

  • @Juho Unfortunately, I have to confirm the issue with Tinymce. The cause might be the same or a similar problem occuring also with Profile Manager and Group Tools on Elgg 1.9 or later. Though in case of these plugins the problem occurs only with more than a single longtext input present (in addition to usage of hidden attribute on part of pages containing longtext inputs). I'm stuck with this issue for weeks - now a new plugin with compatibility issues added - and I've not figured out what exactly the problem is in the first place and of course also not found a solution.

  • What is the main motivation for using TinyMCE in Elgg 1.9 and newer? Why not just use CKEditor?

    • Being used to Tinymce,
    • I'm using an extended Tinymce with more options (not offered by CKeditor in the default Elgg installation),
    • I'm using some addional customizations in Tinymce and I want to continue using them.
  • Problem seems to be the hidden editor instances to allow for editing existing messages. If there are no messages there yet, it works also with Tinymce. I wonder what's different here in the implementation of these hidden editor instances compared for example to Elgg's activity page. There's no issue with using Tinymce to edit existing comments on the river (or on any other pages with more than a single comment).

  • i have problem with that plugin whenever i submit new message it should be scroll automatically at bottom but its not happen i need to scroll down ever time after submit msg how can i solve this its really annoying

  • i don't want to show full message chat histroy i want to show only 20 msg .In which file i have to change code???and.what is it??
    Thanxx in advance ;)

  • Any idea where the css for new message & subsequent animation is on this chat mod???

    all new messages white out with my dark theme... in chat threads.... requiring page refresh for reading...

    otherwise this is ideal for my purposes...


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  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-8-10
  • Downloads: 8656
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