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Diapos is a elgg plugin that displays photos or pictures galleries.

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Installation and usage are very easy : Unzip the package in the folder :  /mod and give the name "diapos" to the plugin folder. Activate the plugin through the administration page.


You can put nanually your albums in the folder /mod/diapos/views/albums/

Warming : do not change the root folder name "album".

If you have a lot of gallery, just put the folders (containing the photos) at the root (album)

The folder name of directories will be the galleries that will appear on your elgg site.

Follow the example of the directories and pictures placed as an example.


The picture format for icons is 50x50px (png,jpg,gif) and the all pictures for a gallery appears on the right of the screen (800x600 is recommended for real format). Number of max 100 photos or pictures is recommanded  per gallery.


So just copy the pictures on the server in folders under "album". Nothing else to do. Users

The access to your galleries (in your site) will be reserved for identifed users only .


Version is compatible and tested for 1.8 + only.

A version with a slideshow is being completed (Version 2.0) for June 2012.


Functions in this version :


-           galleries photos with count of pictures

-           display as thumbnails (5 per line)

-           viewing a picture right after a rollover

-           plugin in English and French language


Olivier de Lannoy

Project director and ECM consultant


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 4860
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