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An important optimization for large sites - thanks to Steve Clay

  • Matt,

    Couple of question..

    I tried on a few different instances. One that is vanilla and it seems direct messages dont get descriptive subjects even if you hav that selected. The process I use after a default install, is go t members section, select the avatar menu from a random user and select "Send Message". When I send the message, the user email notification subject is just "New Message". It works for "Add Discussion" and the other hooks.

    Also notification for group forum discussion "replies" does not have a description subject. Seem like that is by design. It would be useful is replies had a descriptive subject, even the same as the initial discussion so it ended up placed correctly in threaded email. How would I add that hook?

    Help appreciated.. Great plugin... Definitely a must have for any site.




  • how do we define the descriptive versions of the subjects?

  • I found the most useable descriptive subjects using this plugins when I commented out some of the options in the start.php in the plugin;

    // owners name
    //$title = $object->getOwnerEntity()->name;

    // event create/update/delete - send to past tense
    //$title .= " " . elgg_echo('notification_subjects:event:' . $event);

    // find out if it's a group or personal item
    //if($object->getContainerEntity() instanceof ElggGroup){
    // $title .= " " . elgg_echo('notification_subjects:group');

    Then you end up with as the subject;

    "Object: Descriptive Subject"


    "Event: Thanksgiving Holiday"

    "Album: Fall celebration album"

    instead of something like;

    "Brad Vaughan added a new album to Room 23:"



  • I tested this on my generic vanilla install 1.8.8 instance with only bundled plugins enabled.

    Still direct person to person messages are not getting a descriptive subject for email notifications. Site notifications seem to have a descriptive subject.

    Thoughts ?

    Second, notifications for replies to discussions also do not get descriptive subjects. This I think is more by design. Would be good to have though.



  • This plugin enhances the subject of emails/messages sent by the elgg object notifications

    The notifications you refer to are not sent by the object notification handler.  This handler has a hook that can be used to make these modifications, however many other notifications do not.

    The core will have better hooks for such things in 1.9, at which point something like this can have a global scope.

  • No problem.. Thanks..


  • Can you add group support to the descriptive subject? For example, currently the subject reads:

    "admin created a new group Page: Test page" without mention of which group, and "new" is redundant with "created". My preference would be something like "admin created a Page in the [GroupName] group: Test page"

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