Activity Tabs v1.2

Release Notes

Adds an additional option to group activity tabs

- view activity within the group

- view global activity of members within the group

* re-zipped with correct directory name

  • At first glance this appears to be a super plugin, thanks for sharing it Matt.

  • this is very helpful matt, thanks also from me. :)

    the only issue i am seeing is that the owner block menu is appearing twice on my site when i view the activity-tabs page for a group. i looked through my plugin list and disabled group tools and another that relates to groups, the 2nd menu still remains.

  • Nick is this something like your group river you had in your custome river, where you can see group streams on your activity page?

  • similar, yes.. instead of a drop down selector to choose groups, there is a customisable set of tabs.
    the main functional difference other than that is that the river doesn't change by ajax, when you choose a group stream to view by clicking a tab, the page reloads and goes to a custom made page. 

  • you can see it on my test site here:

    you already have an account.

  • Matt does great stuff. You had this idea way back. Are you going to work on updating groups custom layout for 1.8 or did that already happen? I loved the photo background in groups!

  • i'm not likely to evolve group custom layout, no. too much else to focus on.

  • Hey guys, I've been away for most of the weekend, what's going on with this?  I don't know about any duplication of owner blocks - can you elaborate?  Also, Jerome has already updated GCL for 1.8

  • hey matt, there's not so much to say on the subject really. the owner block appears twice.. 

    i'm also now seeing:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in / on line 27 

    when i log out on that activity page, which is strange because there is no tidypics image for that group anyway.


    the owner block appears at the top right of the page with the title of the group and image for the group. then under that there is the configure activity tabs button.. then under that there is another owner block with the same buttons as the top one repeated.

    re gcl: joroens one does not have all the features of the version i released for 1.7 - that's what billy is desirous of. 

  • Matt- Ura's GCL had add images for inside and outside of group space by group admin. Would be nice to have textures or colors available for background as well. Sorry this is off topic of the popular "activity tabs" thread. BTW, for our system we want the member to go to the group space to see it's activity, but this tabs plugin is certainly a winner for many systems.

  • i just found that the double owner block issue is caused by river_addon, the latest version fixes it

  • having added many groups to the tab-bar, i see that the layout is broken when the rows of tabs are greater than 1 and the number of tabs in the last row is not enough to cover the whole width of the page..


    this could be resolved if the last row of tabs is always rendered at the top vertically, maybe this could be one using an ordered list instead of an unordered one?

  • Great, Recommended.

    Do you know anyway of getting all the user's groups activity in one river activity tab? Like having a MyGroups tab in the activity

  • RECOMMENDED. An enhancement for your next release would be an Admin settings where the site owner could select...

    ALL Tab = All Members OR Mine+Friends

    and it could become a top 10 plugin in 3 months. I dare you to prove me wrong ;)

  • Thanks for such a wonderful plugin!!..  I want If someone post anything using group access It should be shown to his dashboard.. Can you please suggest some modification in the code as right now Your plugin showing group activity in new Tab I want it should appear in dashboard.. Please help. !!!

  • Hmm, if I select "only activity within the group" it doesn't show new group discussion topics.

  • Bookmarks don't seem to work either... I guess the entire function of view only inside group doesn't work.

    I have the group activity activated and am using the group-tools btw.

  • Hi guys,

    Is there any way we can put some counters for each tab for new updates since last view of the tab? like the one in facebook... "Home (10+)"... Thanks in advanced

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