GDocs File Previewer v1.02

Release Notes

Added support for Private/Restricted site AKA Walled Garden. 

  • @kuncoro I'd try changing the code where I am referencing the timestamp. That is simply a hack to enforce some level of security. Perhaps, the logic is flawed by using server timestamping to enforce security.

  • hi

    i added 1.02 to my elgg site 1.8.1 and enabled it too... i cant preview documents... i checked the mime repository too... every thing is inplace... do not know what went wrong... if i click on the file name... it just reloads the page... i am using facebook theme... any help ?


    thanks in advance

  • Elgg 1.8.14, working great.

    Thank you.

  • Hi, it needs to upload the file with public access perms??, I also have the plugin Login Required activated. The plugin dont works in my site, preview the HTML and not the pdf file. Any suggestion?


  • Solved!!, Gdocs plugin must be above the Login required plugin ;)

  • I've installed this plugin in my 1.8.14 site with PHP 5.3 and worked perfectly, this is a great plugin!

    I would like to tune it to paginate the document instead of scrolling, is that possible? It seems that the size is hard coded to 100% width and 780px height, regardless of the document size.


  • Hello Thank you for this plugin!


    I was having some issues viewing docs but after setting the time date zone in my php.ini it's working a treate on mu elgg i.8.16 site.

    I just seem to have a small issue with pagination, example word doc. After uploading the document to the site the previewed on my site version somehow adds in a page break after page 2 leaving Page 3 empty and resulting in adding another page to the end of the document, on the last page it's displaying  Page 6 of 5??


    Any ideas about this at all?

  • In my site config I noticed the following; if you have the 'Maintenance' plugin installed and maintenance turned on the preview shows the html code but if maintenance is turned off it works like expected showing the preview.

  • .... with Elgg version 1.8 (latest) and Maintenance 1.8 from ColdTrick

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