GDocs File Previewer v1.02

Release Notes

Added support for Private/Restricted site AKA Walled Garden. 

  • I get an error while trying to view a pdf file:

    Sorry, we were unable to find the document at the original source. Verify that the document still exists.
    You can also try to download the original document by clicking here.

    Do you have any advice on this? Thanks in advance!


  • @albpb2 Judging from the link in the error message, I'd say it's a PDF that's not publicly viewable. Google Docs Viewer requires that the file be accessible from the public web. I noticed that the link goes to an external site. Do you control that site? Are you using other Elgg file management plugins that changes the core functionality of the File plugin? The reason I ask is that files you upload to Elgg, will be stored locally on the same server. If you are using a plugin that stores that file in a different place that Elgg File plugin doesn't manage access to, then this plugin will not work. 

  • That's because I copied the text from another web, but my files are publicly viewable because I store them in the same server that Elgg. Actually, if I click in the blue "here" link, I can manage to view pdf files, or download MSoffice ones.

  • @Alberto Paz That happens when there's a connection problem between your server and google docs. 

  • It works now with the new server I'm using, I guess you were right. Thanks a lot!

  • Have you tried combining this with File Tools and Bakker's other wonder plugins?

  • Unfortunately, my commitments have now shifted elsewhere. My bosses have told me to abandon Elgg in favor of SharePoint. I tried really hard to sell Elgg within my organizatino, but lost the fight. They really wanted a platform that non-programmers could use to develop social-based sites, and because programmers only make up 3 out of the 300 employees, I suppose it makes sense. I will put up the code in GitHub later when I get a chance. Maybe others can integrate my work into theirs.

  • Okay it is trying to pull the viewer through and open the file but hanging up, seems the same with File tools on, so I don't think File tools running is the problem, looks like server problem.

    Advice from anyone?

  • @TahoeBilly What is the exact error you get? There could be many reasons why a file won't render. The biggest one is that Google Docs Previewer needs to have the file be a recognized mime type. If your files' mime types aren't set properly, Google will return an error. If you have old files that have not been setup properly with the correct mime types, you can use my other plugin MS Office Mime Types Patch to correct that issue.

  • i'm using 1.8.5 and it workign fine .Great work well in my website..great job.tq 

  • hello i m new to elgg i m using elgg 1.8.6 and WAMP server i have installed GDocs File Previewer plugin but all i get is this error

    Sorry, we were unable to find the document at the original source. Verify that the document still exists.
    You can also try to download the original document by clicking here.
    i have read the above all comments but no result. i have installed elgg in C:\wamp\www\ELGG and my upload directory is in D:/ELGG/ELGG UPLOADS/
    Please help me i dont understand where i m getting wrong.
  • Aniket, is your Elgg site publicly accessible from the Internet? If not, this will not work. Google Docs needs to load your file in order to preview it. I suspect that since you are running on a WAMP server, your site URL is probably localhost. You could probably use a dynamic IP domain name service to resolve this. If you are inside a corporate environment, you'll need to talk to your network admin to get your server's IP onto a public address space.

  • yes Thomas i m working on a localhost so what did i do now?

  • If you are at home, use a service like There are lots of articles online that show you how to setup server at home using dynamic DNS. Once you get a dyndns host name, just change your site URL in the Elgg admin settings page to that one. 

  • how much it will cost me?

    i means in terms of money or is there any opensource alternative or free alternative

    and thanks for your fast and useful response

    Thank You.

  • Looks like DynDNS is no longer free. If you need free then I cannot help since I cannot recommend anything other than DynDNS. I've used their service for years and it has always worked. Just Google "free dynamic dns" and you can find many providers to choose from. Good luck. 

  • Interesting... my free dyndns is still working.  Guess I just have to make sure the daemon never quits.

  • Help me, there is no a preview of the document, it just shows me my homepage source code in the preview mode . i tried with pdf file and docx file. what should i do ?

  • i am also not seeing a preview for public files - tested with pdf & zip with elgg 1.8.8

  • Must be buggy in latest versions of Elgg I have same issue. I vote to see File Manager with this integrated. Then I again I am wishing as usual...

  • Tampoco estoy viendo una vista previa de los archivos públicos - probado con pdf y código postal con Elgg 1.8.8

  • I upgraded my Elgg server to 1.8.8, and I do not have any problem previewing files. Please make sure you satisfy all the requirements as listed above. eg. running on public facing server, mime types being set correctly, PHP function DateTime() and date.timezone set properly in php.ini.

  • i found that my server is running PHP 5.2, so i requested an upgrade

  • actually, i use shared hosting and PHP 5.3.16, but still didnt work

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