Comment Tracker v1.2

Release Notes

UI/UX update

- removed unregistration of non-existent event handler causing php warnings due to empty foreach

- moved comment notification settings to notifications page

- fixed annoying typo in main variable

- fixed code formatting to the way I like it

- formatted plugin structure the way I like (separated hooks/events/custom functions)

- moved subscribe action button to entity menu for consistency

- AJAX'd the subscribe/unsubscribe action

- added list of items subscribed to (linked from settings page)

- fixed whitespace to conform to elgg standards (Juho Jaakkola

- re-added confirmation/error messages for subscribe action (Juho Jaakkola

  • Hmm..
    U r dumping everyone ?

  • Good Luck Matt! We all hope to see more awesome plugins from you!

  • Thanks everyone.  Not sure what you mean by 'dumping everyone' Dhrup - I said I'd still be around.

  • Dear Matt


    All the best! Thank you thank you thank you!


    All the best





    Dear Matt


    You are contributing to a project which is able to enable anyone on the planet to have his or her own network. That is preposterous and dangerous. That is what democracy looks like. 



    The Government




    Dear Matt


    If every/any one can have a social network and actually for FREE, what does that mean for our profit and the capitalist ideal, in general? 







    Dear Matt


    It would be rather unsurprising if developers of such communities were made commercial offers in order to divert and / or classify their efforts.


    Write what you want to write for whoever you want to write it.

    Developers, testers, users, supporters will come and go. The idea, however, of what we are doing here is fundamental and much less ephemeral.


    This community is dry and undoubtedly lacks humor. It does, however, not lack heart and mind.





    PS: You've got supporters all over the world. Michele in Italy, myself in Switzerland, rjcalifornia, hm, I'm not sure where RJ is located :) Ammie who loves you in a not-creepy way and Dhrup who doesn't want to be dumped.


  • Hi Matt,

    Congratulations with the new job - and thanks for sharing all the AU plugins over the years.

    Nice plugin. Looking into the plugin - on how to control which thread to subscribe to via mail or only on site. And how to unsubscribe from auto subscribtions do to comments....


Matt Beckett

I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver. Manager/maintainer of this elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.

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