Comment Tracker v1.1

Release Notes

Fixes issue with discussions where IE/Opera couldn't post replies as they choked on nested forms.

Removes subscribe/unsubscribe button from closed topics.

  • yeah, the previous version extended a view such that the resulting markup looked like:

    <form action="blahblah">

       <form action="something else">







    Obviously incorrect, but Firefox/Safari/Chrome were kind enough to figure out what was supposed to do what.  IE and Opera just did nothing.

    Fixed now though.

  • hmmwas wondering..  nested forms are illegal per: W3C Draft since way bacckk; even if some browsers pass it and parse it.

  • i'm seeing the following errors when this plugin is activated:

    PHP WARNING: "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in file /mysite/engine/lib/elgglib.php (line 713), referer:http://mysite/admin/plugins

    PHP WARNING: 2012-10-15 23:19:32 (CEST): "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in file /mysite/engine/lib/elgglib.php (line 713),

    and i just thought, as an upgrade to this plugin: 

    registering a widget to allow the monitoring of subscribed threads would be an elggcellent addition here. 

  • that upgrade would be very helpful for the activity page of the elgg community too

  • I think a subtle entity menu link would be better than that humongous "Subscibe" button. What do you think about this? I think I could find time to change it and make a pull request.

    Also I could add some logic so that the option would not be visible if logged in user is the owner of the content and will therefore receive notifications anyway.

  • @Juho - I agree, thus far I've only upgraded it from the 1.7 version - there are definitely improvements that need doing.  If you have time to contribute that would be great.  I also want to add the comment notification settings to the regular notifications settings form.  There's not really any benefit of having them separate.

  • Probably ajaxing the subscribe/unsubscribe button would also be a nice addition (not that I want to push extra work on you by any means, contribute what you feel like) but in an ideal world  :)

    I'll get around to it eventually, but contributions definitely speed up the process.

  • I was just about to make a pull request when I noticed you had made quite big changes to the plugin six hours before me. There would be too much conflicts so I won't even try to merge them. Next time I'll remember to fetch changes from origin before making changes. :P

  • Have you used two spaces instead of hard tabs intentionally? There seems to be both used in the plugin. Elgg coding standards require hard tabs (with size of 4 characters). I won't touch these if they're intentional.

  • Sorry Juho, it was actually next on my to-do list  :)

    re: spacing - not intentional, it's a consequence of programming for multiple frameworks.  Drupal requires two spaces and my IDE has been set up for it.  I never remember to switch the formatting, so unless it's a core patch I haven't been too conscientious of tabs vs spaces.  If it's important to you, and you want to fix it I'll gladly merge additional whitespace fixes.

  • Also, the reason there's mixed whitespace is carry-over from the original plugin (which presumably used correct tabs) which I didn't write.  So yeah, sorry about that...

  • Ok, I know what you mean. I work with Moodle every now and then. Quite often I find myself cleaning up either spaces from Elgg or hard tabs from Moodle. :)

    Sure, I can fix the white spaces as I find them. Makes it easier to read the code when the indentations are aligned properly.

  • I've been wondering about adding the possibility to subscribe other people to user's post. This could be used if the user knew beforehand that the post will interest specific users or if the user would like to get comments from those users.

    The field could be called something like "Notify these people" and it could make use of the input/userpicker view.

    Yammer for example has this kind of feature.

     What do you think?


  • I'm not sure if the University would want that feature, and that's who I'm maintaining it for - but if it was done as an optional feature that could be toggled on/off through plugin settings I think that would be fine to include for people that want to enable it.

  • another feature i just thought would be helpful would be to have a way of setting all new items you upload to be comment tracked, or not, for you.. 

    maybe with a page that lists all your tracked items and some way of managing the settings there (checkboxes maybe). 

    otherwise it could be easy to generate vast amounts of notifications and no easy way to disable them.

  • i just noticed this isn't functional on my site.. i tested email and insite notifications.. none arrive.. though i did do the testing using the 'login as' plugin, rather than have other people add comments.. i assumed that i would not receive notifications for comments made by me on my own content 'by design'.

  • oh.. i did just receive an email for a comment, it took a few minutes to process.. though i am not yet seeing an internal message appear in the site inbox for the notification.

  • Check your notification settings and make sure you have the site option enabled.

  • ah 'personal notifications' was not checked for insite messages.. yet i have been receiving some messages, say, for videos added to groups. hmm.. 

  • it's actually at the bottom under 'comment notifications'

  • oh ok, that was checked, yes

  • How about adding the newest version to the community?

    In one fresh Elgg installation I wondered why the subscribe link won't appear in the entity menu. Then I realized that it isn't included in the current community version. I had forgetten that previously I had installed the 1.2 version straight from github. :)

  • Oh, I thought I had... will do that - thanks Juho

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