Views Counter v2.0.2

Release Notes

  • potentially more reliable view counts when entity is not passed explicitly
  • thanks for the update. i need to get some more traffic to my site before i can test this issue again.

    it occurs to me that there is a need for the code to check the IP of the viewer, as a minimum, to prevent users from just refreshing the page over and over again to artificially inflate the view counts for their own pages. i just added a 'most viewed' widget to my site and so this point is particularly relevant as a result.

  • so i shared a video on G+ yesterday and it got 18 +1s over about 12 hours or so. i can see in piwik that it had 3 unique pageviews (from users other than me, since piwik doesn't track my activity). the view counter is showing the total views for the video (from users other than me), since i activated view_counter in mid october, is 1. so piwik shows 3 unique views in 12 hours and view counter shows 1 unique view in nearly 1 month!

    obviously something isn't working as intended here.

  • it is also the case that piwik excludes traffic from those who enabled 'do not track' in their browsers, so the real number is going to be quite a bit higher than piwik is showing.

  • I am also facing the same problem as ura soul .. View counter does not work as it was intended ..  

  • i am wondering if this might be an issue with variable scope, whereby the state of a variable might be being carried across to multiple sessions/page loads - for example.

    e.g. the variable:

    static $added_entities;

    in the function: add_views_counter()

    keeps track of which entities have already been counted. i presume that this variable is only valid 'per session' or 'per page load' - but i don't know that that is what is truly occurring, for a fact as i haven't tested it yet.

  • Is it possible to show the statistics public?

  • Please update the plugin to elgg version 3.0

  • You must prevent repeated visits because they calculate the visit to the same device more than once even if you make an update to the page counts visit Calculate a visit The actual and non-repeat visits should be calculated for the same person only

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