Views Counter v1.1

Release Notes

- Forces metastring creation on activation to prevent possible sql exception when admin page is viewed before an entity- Removed deprecated file- Added CHANGES.txt

  • I had the same question, do bots hitting count as views?

  • Anything that renders the view will count.

    The stats show views by logged in users, so you can see what is definitely *not* a bot

  • Aha, so these are actual views? Great!

  • Well, the ones listed for logged in users are actual views.  Some views could be by bots but they would show as not-logged-in users.

  • this plugin seems to be foR the administrator's assessment.Is there any view counter that site users caN view oN web page? e.g nuMber of views  per video,pictures or mp3 playbacks

  • Great work Matt!

    It would be possible in the future include a filter in administration for the counter to be visible only to visitors / users / admin?

  • maybe this could be combined with some aspects of the functions of 'elgg hammer' so that the excluded traffic from that plugin is intelligently meshed with the view counting of this plugin to provide more accurate reporting such that the bots are excluded from counts..
    i haven't used elgg hammer yet so maybe i will discover that there is no need to update the view counter plugin to improve the accuracy of the stats and that elgg hammer alone will be enough.

  • Matt, this plugin has a mistake with videolist. The rest is perfect form me!

    Every time than an user reload, comment or create a videolist item, this plugin has a conflict with a notifications native system and generate a new notification (email, private message or both) to the all users. I had trie to find the problem but my neurone it's totally lost with Elgg code. ;-)

  • ah ok thanks for the tip wogker.. i disabled views-counter for various reasons.. so that may explain why i wasn't seeing the videolist notification glitch too..
    so did you discover that views-counter is the cause of the notifications issue by disabling views-counter and seeing that the problems ended?

  • Yes, disabling the option "videos" in the counter plugin disappear also false notifications videos.

  • Thanks for your contributions!  I wasn't able to find any info on how to utilize the capability when entering 

    Views counter container ID

    "If defined the views number will be displayed inside this container via Javascript"

    Please forgive me if this is obvious.

  • @blab that's an advanced setting for custom themes where the counter needs to be moved elsewhere on the page.  You can define the ID of a container element where the counter will be displayed.  You likely don't need to use it.

  • Ah, thanks for the quick reply!!  I'm using Youtube's Javascript API within a plugin and just thought this might help out in counting whenever the JS play event was triggered (ie a play counter).  Thanks for the clarification though!

  • If anybody using "Views Counter Plugin" with Elgg 1.9.x & getting error "Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["url"] being available in views", then replace





    in the following files:

    1. mod/views_counter/views/default/object/listing_view.php
    2. mod/views_counter/actions/list_entities.php
    3. mod/views_counter/views/default/views_counter/display_views_counter.php
    4. mod/views_counter/views/default/views_counter/demo_entity_create_button.php
    5. mod/views_counter/views/default/views_counter/entity_listing_view.php
    6. mod/views_counter/views/default/views_counter/forms/types_pulldown.php


  • I do not get any error message but I cannot see any counter - using Elgg 1.9.4 and Views Counter 1.2
    elgg/views_counter/list_entities/user shows "Page not found"

    What I am doing wrong? How can I set this up, and where does the counter count appears, below each post?
    Thanks for your help.

  • dranii: you must enable views counter in its settings for all types of posts (user, groups, widgets, blogs, etc) that you want to see it. Also "Display views counter" must be set to "yes".

    The error comes when you click on the views counter to pull up the views statistics and then click on the "Name or Title" section.

    I have made the changes recommended by Shah and I can confirm that this eliminates the error. I see no other problems with regards to 1.9 compatibility.

    Just you ask that adds us in the need the plugin Views Counter for the version elgg 1.9
    Thank you!

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