Access Type Groups v0.1

  • This is a great idea!  Unfortunately, im having trouble getting it to work with my elgg site.  All the group access options show up properly in all object creation screens, but creating an object and assigning it to a group other than the one i created it in does not seem to work.

    Anyone else having problems with this?


  • this is exactly what i need ... no more need for categories if this works..

  • ah, i thought this was to assign multiple 'owners' so that the objects appear in the group widgets on the group pages when 1 or more group is assigned upon object creation..

    i haven't installed this yet, but now i think that since this is just for access types, that this plugin just allows multiple group members to access the object, but the objects will not show up on the group pages, they will only be shown where they are originally registered.. is my thinking accurate? ;)


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