Suggested Friends v1.2

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Fixes deprecated function

Fixes PHP warning about invalid foreach parameter

  • Very nice...thanks @Matt Becket for this plugin and thanks to AU too...I was wondering if could be possible to show only icons on widgets (no other info) or better configure in the widget settings full view or compact view. Recommended!!!

    Sorry my english.

  • Can anyone help me, how to show the widget or source code to show it on sidebar ?

  • Im running 1.8.3 and the plugin says it cannot activate due to 1.8.4 dependencies.  Is there anyway I can fix this without having to update to 1.8.4?

  • Yes, you can update to 1.8.8  ;)

  • Matt, can you help me how to show it on my sidebar ?

    I use facebook theme, and it changed the sidebar without widget content, so i must go to show the content by edit source code of sidebar. 

    sorry for my english

  • @kuncoro - just look at the content view of this widget and output it in your sidebar

  • @kuncoro - just look at the content view of this widget and output it in your sidebar

    I use facebook theme  too, Can you explain to me how add it to theme?

  • Matt, been using this for months, and noticed the more people who join my site the more suggested friends they have, the problem with this I noticed it was taking a very long time to load the profiles, so I disabled it, and they load much faster now. Not sure if it needs updating for 1.8.13 or if that is the issue? I have tried now to set the default widget settings to 1 friend instead of 3 to see if that may help.

  • @Kimberly - I haven't noticed anything, we have ~5k users on our production site and aren't experiencing any major slowdowns.  That said, I didn't actually write the queries for matching users with potential friends - all I did was upgrade this from an existing 1.7 plugin so there could potentially be room for optimization.
    Unfortunately it's not a real priority for me at the moment, but feel free to investigate nad if you find anything let me know.

  • hmmm. only upgraded from 1.7 ? from the manifest i thought you were the *original author ;-)
    it's only doing a cpl of queries with joins; nothing much to slow down a real server; i cud run a whole heavy query of this on our 1/4 mill user-base, wanna bet what does not slow down ? you shud look into your server side facilities for issues. only issue that cud be discovered cud be a cartesian but very unlikely !

  • I see, okay. Thanks for your response. It could be that this plugin is conflicting with other plugin I have installed? I don't really know, I re-activated it and didn't add to profile widgets, and from the MORE navigation link up top, if I click on Suggested Friends, it takes about 20 seconds or so until that page loads. I don't think its my server I have plenty of resources available, I am on a cloud server.

  • @K
    ' taking a very long time to load the profiles ' 
    does not relate to PlugIn Conflicts in any pkg install on any server
    ' don't think its my server I have plenty of resources available,
      I am on a cloud server... '
    ' long time to load pages with sql queries... ' ?!!
    ' cloud server ' means diddles !

    'cloud' @server on 99% of hostings @today
    as @some years back when 'cloud' was new thang
    measn exactly what it meant some years ago.
    it has almost been been a marketing thing..
    in my world of compting sciences -- cloud = shared server
    it is not some glory path to performance romace story
    just look at what $ you're paying for the hosting..
    => that is the service you're paying for - whatever name they give to it

    ' very long time to load... ' ?
    you are suffering performance issues which might be related to your setup..
    b/c - no one els is suffering same symptoms..
    saying ' don't think its my server I have plenty of resources available.. '
    will not change the slow loads..will it ?

    you make it sound like --
    ' i shopped at an honest reliable used-car-dealer..

    and so.. my new used car should not have any problems ' ;)
    well.. maybe you'e never shopped at a used-car-lot ;-P

    anyways.. i could be wrong..
    and in that case, cain't help you mucho more..
    maybe someone else can.

  • Well, I disabled it, re-copied over the files, enabled, and now its working fine again w/ no real hesitation, weird. As for the cloud, its not the basic one and no Scoop I am not on a shared server, its the VPS Cloud w/ my own nameservers, etc. so its not cheap, but I have my own server and tons of bandwith/storage available. Now all I need is to make membership available to upgraded accounts, and more traffic. Then as the cashflow starts coming in, I can start giving donations out to elgg and all you programmers out there who have put together all the plugins that I use.

  • Great plug-in!

    I left you a translation into Spanish:


    $spanish = array(

    'suggested_friends' => 'Amigos Sugeridos',

    'suggested_friends:new:people' => 'Amigos Sugeridos',

    'suggested_friends:people:you:may:know' => 'Amigos Sugeridos',
    'suggested_friends:widget:description' => 'Este widget sugiere personas que podrías conocer',
    'suggested_friends:see:more' => 'Ver más',
    'suggested_friends:how:many' => '¿Cuántas personas?',

    'suggested_friends:all' => 'Todo',
    'suggested_friends:friends:only' => 'Amigos de mis amigos',
    'suggested_friends:groups:only' => 'Miembros de mis grupos',

    'suggested_friends:is:friend:of' => 'Amigo de %s',
    'suggested_friends:mutual:friends' => '%s amigos comunes: %s',

    'suggested_friends:is:member:of' => 'Miembro de %s',
    'suggested_friends:shared:groups' => '%s grupos comunes: %s',

    'suggested_friends:people:not:found' => 'No hay más sugerencias'

    add_translation('es', $spanish);

  • @David

    Gracias por la traducción!

  • Hi, thanks for your plugin !

    This is the French Translation :


    $french = array(

    'suggested_friends' => 'Amis suggérés',

    'suggested_friends:new:people' => 'Amis suggérés',

    'suggested_friends:people:you:may:know' => 'Amis suggérés',
    'suggested_friends:widget:description' => 'Ce widget vous suggère des gens que vous connaissez peut-être',
    'suggested_friends:see:more' => 'Voir plus',
    'suggested_friends:how:many' => 'Combien de personnes ?',

    'suggested_friends:all' => 'Tous',
    'suggested_friends:friends:only' => 'Amis de mes amis',
    'suggested_friends:groups:only' => 'Membres de mes groupes',

    'suggested_friends:is:friend:of' => 'Amis de %s',
    'suggested_friends:mutual:friends' => '%s amis communs : %s',

    'suggested_friends:is:member:of' => 'Membre de %s',
    'suggested_friends:shared:groups' => '%s groupes partagés : %s',

    'suggested_friends:people:not:found' => 'Aucune personne à vous suggérer'

    add_translation('fr', $french);

  • Can this plug be updated for the latest elgg release?

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