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Fixed a deprecated function

  • A nice plugin... Thanks for porting. But there's one thing I also commented already on the release of the original plugin by Caedes that prevented me from using it:

    I don't know if it's a design decision or just due to Elgg's entity/annotations data model... The problem is that the owner of an entity can edit all comments including comments made by admins. I guess it's because he's the owner of all the annotations (i.e. comments). Without the option for anyone to edit comments anyway this was not relevant. But now the editable comments plugin would need to modify the canedit() check to prevent this. It seems this is done in case of candelete() as the Elgg 1.8 version prevents deletion at least of comments made by admins.

    Have you included the possibility for the entity owner to edit/delete comments made by others intentionally? In case not, would you fix this in a possible future release.

  • @iionly - I haven't changed any of the functionality of the original.  It still uses the canEdit() function to decide the edit permissions.  It makes more sense to me for it to be based on the owner of the comment, and that may well be an option in the future.  For now I'm simply upgrading some 1.7 plugins to 1.8 while maintaining compatibility.  Once this project I'm working is fully functioning at 1.8 the improvements will come.

  • Thanks for the reply. I can wait. I just wanted to know if you are aware of the edit/delete permissions. Restricting the permissions to own comments seems to make more sense to me, too. Otherwise, some people might be temped to delete comments they don't fully approve with. But I think such a decision should be made by admins only.

    I'm in a similar situation with plugins, i.e. busy with porting 1.7 plugins to 1.8 to be able upgrading my site at some point. So, I can't fully use your plugin(s) right now anyway apart from testing locally. But there are quite a few interesting ones I want to use on my productive site then when it's 1.8 ready.

  • Not compatible with elgg 1.8.3 ...just tryed to install it needs Elgg 1.8.4 Thx you...god bless u

  • I need this plugin please, my users asking to delete or edit comment feature, I installed this plugin on elgg 1.8.8, installed fine and activated as well But does not show/work in website??

    Please help

  • Hi

    This is my french translation :

    $french = array(

    * Menu items and titles
    'comment:error' => "Erreur lors de l\'enregistrement du commentaire",
    'comment:edited' => "Commentaire édité",
    'comment:edit' =>"Editer le commentaire",


  • See my above post and help me friends, I'm using cool theme maybe the language is missing in the theme. coz I can activate this plugin without any problem but just can't see the edit button under the comments :(

    How to check/ fix please help

    Many thanks in advance,


  • i'm seeing the same as kisssssss4ever in elgg 1.8.8

  • It works fine for me in 1.8.8 - you'll have to look for plugin conflicts

  • works almost purrfectkly for me @here.. ;-oO

  • ah, yes it does work for me in some comments.. 
    i have hypealive installled that allows comments on river entries; seems they are not included by the edit plugin at this point.

  • Ok, then what's most likely happening is hypealive created a new view for comments which is replacing the default view which this plugin uses.

    If you disable hypealive and it suddenly works for all comments then that's the issue.

  • commenting on river entries is a feature of hype alive that is not present in elgg core presently, at least the option to comment disappears from under river entries when i disable hype alive.

  • oh ok, I've never used hypealive

  • @tunist:= now that don't make no sense lolz ;-) if matt's plugin makes elgg 1.8.x comments editable - but "commenting on river entries is a feature of hype alive that is not present in elgg core presently.." ?!?!?! what on earth could matt's plugin be making 'editable' ? of course elgg.1.8.x has got comments allowed on river entries !;-) check your 'batteries' (=plugins!)

    @matt:= 'most likely..' ? nahhh;-O -> tootally uberridez the core stuff ;-) proof ? ==> /** *  Replaces native Elgg comments with hypeAlive Comments */ function hj_alive_comments_replacement($hook...;-)


  • @dhrup: i'm looking at the activity stream on this elgg community site and there are no links to allow comments on activity/river entries. 
    when i disable hype alive i see no links to comment on river entries..

    matt's plugin makes the comments that are present in elgg editable! ;)

    to be fair.. i thought there were comments for river items with or without hype alive, but i'm not seeing that on my install. 

  • not this site !;-oO '-) i tested on xampp elgg.1.8.6 - then posted my (sikko british bg sense of humor;O lolz) comments ;-) u *must have some plugin conflict issues; my xampp is a clean clear install. & i see them comments - a little gray balloon whose title says comment on this ;-P soo - i mucho surprised u not have that.. try a new clean 1.8.(6?) xampp install ?! re-read my post above- every word is true !;-)  feel sorrt for you not seeing the same;(

  • erm.. oh yeah.. i now notice the almost invisible speech bubble on some items in the elgg community activity flow.. no 'thumbs up' icons on mine right now..

    i now see them on my own site now, when hype alive is disabled.. ok, i stand erected.... corrected... :)
    the colour scheme had them well hidden.

  • thumbs-up - 1.8.x core 'likes' plugin ;-)

  • hmm.. how would i disable tinymce for this plugin?
    i am finding that the space available in my site's river area is not wide enough to contain the tinymce editor. the button appears to disable it in the river (if i alter the css to scroll overflow).. anyone?


  • Nice plugin.

    A feature wish: Option to limit the edit time to eg. 10min.

    Purpose: I don't want to allow my users to edit old comments but wants to allow them to correct spelling and typing errors. 

  • when i click 'edit comments' with this plugin active on the activity page - the comment is opened for editing in the sidebar module for comments (using river_addon).. instead of the river.. which breaks the layout as the sidebar isn't wide enough to hold the textbox.. not sure why (too many other issues to resolve presently).

  • Works great for me on the Ultimate Cool Theme, which if you let me I would like to intergrate this into my theme.

  • Feel free to do with it as you please - it's GPL :)

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