Infinite scroll v0.3

Release Notes

This release comes with some new enhancements and bugfixes.

  • Now annotations are also infinite scrollable.
  • Do not infinite scroll into widgets (bugfix).
  • Do not hide pagination when not infinite scrolling (bugfix).
  • Do not request for more items when receive less than you requested the last time.


  • Infinite scroll support for entity galleries.
  • Hi,

    It doesn't work with Opera.

    Test platform: Ubuntu, Elgg 1.8.4


  • Yes, I can reproduce it. It is very strange, because using jQuery as I use, this kind of problems should be desappeared.

    Maybe I can bugfix it in the next release.

  • Nudeler2

    With SeaMonkey doesn't work, too...

  • I have the this error. Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_register_ajax_view() in /..../..../...../...../mod/infinite_scroll/start.php on line 16

    any help ??????

  • I supose you are using an Elgg version lesser than 1.8.3, elgg_register_ajax_view function wasn't there yet.

    So, if you upgrade your Elgg to the last version, this problem will disappear.

  • @sem: you can include the minimum Elgg version in the manifest file to avoid people can activate the plugin in case they don't fulfil this requirement and to also to inform them directly why it does not work:


  • @iionly, Iep, it will done for the next release, for the moment i added an advise in the project description.

  • Sem, interested in working with us to get this functionality into core?

  • Hello Sem, I'm trying your plugin but it do not work for me. I'm running Elgg 1.8.4 and using Google Chrome 18.0.1025.162. When the bottom of the page is reached, there is this message:

    "You've reached the end of the list, there is no more elements to show."

    But when I turn the plugin off, there are three more pages of river. Do you have any idea, where the problem can be?


    BTW: It will be cool to have this feature in core :)

  • @ewinslow Sure! This month I'm going to be very busy with exams and projects, but I can work in it in June 15-30th.

    Let's begin a discussion:

    @ElChupacabra This message only appears when you receive from the server less items than you request or when you receive no data. So, I don't know what can happen, maybe a other plugins interferring?

  • @evan - if you do bring it into core can it be optional?  I personally hate this behavior as it usually triggers while I'm trying to read something or scrolling then suddenly the page grows and the scroll bar jumps around... I find it more of a hassle than just clicking "more" when I'm ready for more.

    @sem - despite my preferences, good job bringing this to Elgg - I know many other people do want this functionality

  • @Matt - Agreed. I greatly dislike infinite scroll.

  • @evan, I've been working on a way to implement ajaxed pagination for months now, and I don't think there is really a clean way to achieve that for the core. getter options and functions vary from so much from case to case... My approach now is to store getter options in the client-side object. Page handlers for actually delivering objects are somewhat generic, but every once in a while I have to build a new handler for certain more complex manipulations. 

    This particular plugin was crashing chrome. Haven't really dug into it to see the root cause. 


  • I'm getting same message as @ElChupacabra 

    "You've reached the end of the list, there is no more elements to show." but only with the "River Privacy 1.0" plugin.

  • @ElChupacabra @shnawaz, your problem is solved in the 0.4 release.

    Elgg front page ( doesn't use page_hander() function, and this was giving problems.


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