[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: FAQ] v1.8.2

Release Notes

Changelog (v1.8.2):

  • Getting FAQ plugin to work for logged-out site visitors when walled-garden option is enabled,
  • Added German translation.
  • I would like to have a faq section on my site that users can click on youtube videos. I cant embed videos and the upload file does not work either im afrain on faq. Please help

  • @Sean:

    Well, the htmlawed plugin prevents including embed code into text to be posted in Elgg sites. This is good for security reasons - and I wouldn't advice you to disable the htmlawed plugin just to be able to embed videos in FAQs or elsewhere.

    Best would be to use a plugin that allows embedding or uploading of videos. Though it seems there might not be such a plugin available currently - at least not out of the box support for embedding videos into FAQs. You could try to get it working with "Embed Extender" (but I can't guarantee it to work).

    As a last resort you could modify the start.php of htmlawed. But this should really be the very last option! Normally, you shouldn't modify core files anyway and modifications within the htmlawed plugin code could also result in security issues for your site! If you need to do it, then you could try this:

    function htmlawed_filter_tags($hook, $entity_type, $returnvalue, $params) {

        if (!isadminloggedin()){

            $return = $returnvalue;

    ....[Rest of the code of this function]....

            $return = $var;

        return $return;



    This change will deactivate filtering for admins by encapsulating the filter code into an if-clause that checks if the current user is an admin. After this change you can copy+paste embed code into postings (best to insert it directly into the HTML Source code view of the editor).

  • embed extender should work,  i have modified it to work in two plugins that i use.

  • Hi, Great plugin thanks.

    Only downside is I would love to have the results appear in the main site search.  Any way to do this or upcoming in future release (and when)?  Thanks

  • @Simon: I guess it should be possible to include FAQs into the normal site search. Unfortunately, it's not a completely trivial issue as the FAQ entity objects have their own custom fields, so it's necessary to implement a custom search function / plugin hook for results to show in the normal site search. To tell you how this is to be done exactly I would need to do some reading / testing myself first (I've never dealt with customizing the Elgg search before). Unfortunately, I can't give you any timeline / date when I would be able to release an updated version as I simply lack the time right now. You can read the README.txt delivered with Elgg's bundled search pluign in mod/search to learn more about customizing the search in Elgg. Maybe you can manage to get it working on your own in the meantime.

  • Thank you for making this useful plugin available for 1.8.

  • The concept is good, but I've had some problems using this plugin.

    1. In one of my category titles, the title included my site name (which is upper- and lowercase) but the plugin changed it to lowercase which looks funny.

    2. When I view the FAQ entry in the editor, it shows my bullet lists correctly but when I make it live and view it in the FAQ as the user would see it, the bullets disappear and it's hard to read.

    3. There is a User questions option on the right-hand menu even if I have user questions turned off in the preferences. I don't want something in the menu that's not available. It's an annoyance to a user to click on something that doesn't work.

    Is there going to be a way to reorder FAQ entries or to modify Category titles?

  • @elggReader:

    1. Currently the whole category name is changed to lower case letters and then the first letter is switched to upper case again. If you don't want that, search the code for this code bits:


    It's occuring in actions/faq/add.php. actions/faq/edit.php and actions/faq/answer.php. If you leave the category names unchanged before saving by not calling ucfirst() and strtolower(), you will get the names exactly as entered. Answering your additional question here: reordering of FAQs is not planned right now (simply because I don't have the time to look into it). You can already change the category titles and I just noticed that the upper / lower case filtering is not done when changing the category title (rather a bug than a feature). To change the category title simply select the corresponding category and then click on the "Change category" button. If you want to change the title, select all questions to be moved and then use the "Create a new category" option. If you move all questions of a category to a new category, the old category will get removed.

    2. Need to investigate why the html tags (bullets etc.) get removed. Thanks for telling.

    3. The "User questions" menu link is only visible to admins anyway regardless if the user questions are turned on or off. It might be okay to not show the link if user questions are off and additionally there are no old user questions waiting. I'll keep this idea in mind.

  • Like elReader 143 days ago, I have the same problem with lists. The html looks fine, but they don't show up in the published item. Will do the lists manually till someone sorts this bug out. Maybe it's my browser (Firefox) but it doesn't have difficulty elsewhere.

  • Sorry @jon666, I haven't had the time to find out what's causing the problem with html tags not being saved (or displayed) in FAQs. I looked through the source code but that has not made me any wiser. I guess there's some more testing necessary, though I can't say right now when I will have the time to do it.

  • @Maath: your comment (and PM, too) are rather short. Any questions? Please ask!

  • can we get the top ten question using this plugin if so can u please guide me  @iionly ,thanks in advance wating for your reply 

  • @SUNEL: depends on what you exactly mean by "Top 10 questions". You can create categories already which allows you to put the questions in one of the categories. So, you could create a "Top 10 questions" category and move the most important questions into this category (as admin you can move the questions between categories). But the category approach would mean a manual ordering of the questions by the admin.

    An automatic "Top 10" sorting for example based on a views counter is not implemented. There's not even a counter implemented. I don't think that I will have the time in the foreseeable future to implement such an automatic display of Top 10 questions.


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-12-11
  • Downloads: 6706
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