[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: FAQ] v1.8.1

Release Notes


  • FAQ site menu entry and footer link optionally visible when not logged in (plugin settings).
  • @mrunlimited2011: if you ask about the link to the FAQ section in the footer, this link already gets added by the FAQ plugin automatically (depending on the plugin settings it might not be visible when logged out though). If you ask about how to add links to the footer in general, you can check out the function faq_setup_footer_menu() in FAQ's start.php to see how the link ("menu item" in footer menu) is created.

  • Hi there, is there a way to reorganise questions? Whenever I add a new one it pushes the rest of them down. Thanks :)

  • @MrArnold23: there's currently no option to reorganize the order of questions. You can move questions from one category to another but the questions included in a category will always get listed in the order they were created.

  • This is a very useful plugin, thank you

  • Hi,

    Looks good but its not accessible when not logged in ( yes I checked the settings and specified that it should be accessible when not logged in.)

  • @MontanaMIke: I just tested on Elgg 1.8.6 to make sure it still works when not logged in and it does for me...

    Have you also set the plugin option

    "Should the FAQ be publicly available (otherwise only for admins)?"

    to "Yes"?

    If set to "No", the menu and footer links will not show when logged out (as there's no way to differ between admin and non-admin for logged out visitors). Also, the site menu link and the footer link can be enabled/disabled separately for logged-out site visitors.

    If you have configured the FAQ plugin settings correctly and the links still don't show up it must be a conflict with some other plugin/theme on your site.

  • My settings.

    Should the FAQ be publicly available (otherwise only for admins)? yes
    Should the FAQ site menu entry be visible when not logged in? yes
    Should the FAQ link in the site footer be visible when not logged in? yes
    Allow users to ask questions? yes
    Minimum size of searchtags: 3
    Minimum hitcount: 1

    I deactivated all plugins except FAQ.

    I cleared my caches

    I changed cache settings to NOT cache.

    I logged off.

    I clicked the FAQ link in the log-in box and I get a message that tells me I need to be logged in to see that page.

    I'm using 1.8.6.

    Any suggestions?

  • Good idea.  I haven't done anything with walled garden but it makes sense.  In elgg 1.7 I think it was setup using site-access plugin, right.  Can you point me at documentation for walled garden in 1.8?  The new website still has me confused a bit.



  • In Elgg 1.8 walled-garden is enabled/disabled via the "Restrict pages to logged-in users" option in the advanced site settings (or using my Loginrequired plugin...). The configuration of pages being allowed to be displayed is done via the 'public_pages', 'walled_garden' plugin hook. I must admit that I missed checking the FAQ to work with walled-garden enabled.

    To get the FAQ link to work when logged out you need to add the following line to FAQ's init function in start.php:

    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('public_pages', 'walled_garden', 'faq_public');

    and to add this function in start.php:

    function faq_public($hook, $handler, $return, $params) {
        $pages = array('faq', 'faq/list');
        return array_merge($pages, $return);

    Though the faq search will not yet work with this modifications. Currently I'm still trying to figure out how to get the search working.


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-12-11
  • Downloads: 6383
  • Recommendations: 29

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