[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Enhanced Friendly Time] v1.9.2

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  • Updated to Elgg 1.9.
  • This seems to be a very important utility, Thanks!

    With ref. to this discussion,

    In the language file I see I can change/translate the name of months but how do I do so for the digits - 0 to 9 ?

    For example, 16  -> १६

    or 1 -> १

    In the language file I find

      'friendlytime:weeks' => "about 2 weeks ago",
      'friendlytime:weeks:singular' => "last week",
      'friendlytime:date' => "j F Y",

    but no "just now"? Am I missing something?

    Any translations for 'just now', minutes, hours, 'ago', 3 days ago etc?

    Can someone explain in some more details?

  • @dranii The language strings you are asking about should be in Elgg's main language file. The Enhanced Friendly Time plugin does not alter these strings and therefore they are not included in its language file. If you want to translate them, you need to add your translation either to your translated main language file or you can add the translations to you translation of the Enhanced Friendly Time plugin's language file (which would override the string included in the main language file).

    If you want to replace the digits with text, you would need to alter the code of the enhanced_friendly_time_hook() function in start.php of the Enhanced Friendly Time plugin according to your needs. Right now only the months are replaced by words (if the date is older than 2 weeks at least). In principle, the same approach can also be used for replacing number of minutes/hours/days where needed. Of course, you would need to add the strings for minutes 1-59, hours 1-24 and days 1-7 to your language file, too, to be able to display the correct text.


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