[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Enhanced Friendly Time] v1.8.2

Release Notes


  • French translation added (thank to emanwebdev).
  • some kind of glitch has occurred on my site with the times of river events.. i had this plugin installed throughout, though i recall a similar glitch occurred years ago with elgg 1.7... i'm not sure if i had an earlier version of this plugin installed then or not.

    essentially, the river items have incorrect times/dates on them, so items from one week ago appear as 'now' and items from 'just now' appear from 1 week ago.. not necessarily in a repeating/constant pattern.

    i'm wondering if anyone has seen this with or without this friendly time plugin? any idea on what to do?

  • @ura soul: sorry, I have no idea how this could happen. The friendly time output is determined via an if-clause (time difference between current time and river item timestamp). Now it seems rather unlikely to me that this if-clause fails only on certrain items - especially in mixing up "now" and anything before that as this is the first statement to be checked in the if-clause at all.

    What does show as friendly time output when you disable this plugin? At what position is the friendly_time plugin ordered in your plugin list? Putting it at the bottom should give some indication if another plugin interferes. Have you made any changes to the plugin code / the translation or are you using additional languages?

  • + A perfect compromise between useful Elgg 'Friendly Time' and having dates as "49 days ago". Thanks.

  • ok, i've disabled friendly time and will see what ocurrs with new items on the site. 

    i don't think the cause is this plugin either.. i'll let you know if i find any info that might be relevant to this plugin.

  • I have a "clock's problem" too, but your other plugin, Last Login, as it shows an incredibly wrong last login's date, here is a copy and paste from a member i just created:

    Last login: 1970/1/1
    Join date: 2013/3/17

  • That means there is no last login, the timestamp == 0 which equates to 1970/1/1

    Ideally there should be a check for that.

  • @Elggor: I've released version 1.8.4 of the Lastlogin plugin that fixes the issue of last login time of users who never had logged in before. Thanks for reporting this issue.


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