Release Notes

Quick release to fix the creation bugs in 1.3. Changes for both:

Version 1.4(March 12, 2013 from

  • Fixed page creation. Sorry!

Version 1.3(March 11, 2013 from

  • Added live path checking.
  • Cleaned up some language strings.
  • Added "Show in footer."
  • Moved check boxes to the left side of their labels.
  • you are welcome. i have two ideas for enhancements here also:

    • add 'admin only' option for pages
    • add commenting option for pages


  • Nice plugin! Recommended! :D

  • i notice you didn't update the manifest to 1.4..

    and also i am seeing many of these in the elgg log:

    PHP WARNING: 2013-04-15 13:11:10 (CEST): "Argument 2 passed to elgg_extract() must be of the type array, boolean given, called in /mypath/mod/anypage/start.php on line 74 and defined" in file /mypath/engine/lib/elgglib.php (line 1589)

  • thanks, i'll paste the issue to github

  • is possible to put html code here? i tried and is not working


  • It seems a bit confusing to me that the "Visible through Walled Garden" option is only shown when the walled-garden is enabled. After all the state of this option is kept when you disable the walled-garden at a later point. Wouldn't it be better to show this option and the "Requires login" option both regardless of the walled-garden setting? Instead of hiding these options depending on the walled-garden state there could be added some explanation like "Visible through Walled Garden (if this option is enabled in the advanced site settings)" and a similar text for the "Requires login" option.

    It also seems to me that the Footer link is NOT added to the login page for an anypage when the walled-garden option is enabled (though it shows in the footer on other public pages including the anypage).

    Sidenote: in case anyone is using my Loginrequired plugin instead of Elgg's core walled-garden option. The anypages will work then, too. The only tricky thing is setting the "Visible through Walled Garden" option for your anypage as it will of course not be shown with the core walled-garden disabled. To circumvent this you can either set this option by temporarily disabling the Loginrequired plugin, then enable the core walled-garden option to be able to set the option. Then you can return to the Loginrequired plugin. Another possibility is to modify the anypage form anypage/views/default/forms/anypage/save.php line 54:

    <?php if (elgg_get_config('walled_garden')) { ?>

    becomes to

    <?php if (elgg_get_config('walled_garden') || elgg_is_active_plugin('loginrequired')) { ?>

    and the accessibility of the anypages from outside can be configured also with the Loginrequired plugin enabled (btw. the footer link will also shown on the login page...).

  • How can a form that users or visitors can fill and submit to database or email be deployed using this page?

  • This is by far my favorite plugin. It simply works, and does so exceptionally well. Significantly better than the bundled External Pages plugin. What was a wonderful addition is that I was finally able to embed a Google Calendar using iframe with this. Your plugin gave me the one critical tthing my site was missing.

  • Hi @Brett,

    Do you think that could be possible to create with your AnyPage plugin a page for a specific user?

    For example, I'd like to put a page with a information just for JohnPullin (user), I don't wanna this page for other users and also I'd like to know when he saw the page.

    Is it possible?

    Best regards,

  • @ru Ben Kenobi What about 'Access level' setting?

    Add JohnPullin to specific Friends' collection then set access level on your page for this collection only

  • With the "anypage" plugin, is it possible to create a page and have a ling in the navbar ?

  • @Yes_Papa: yes, with the Anypage plugin you can create pages. You can add custom menu entries with Elgg via the "Menu Items" settings page (Configure - Appearance section in the admin area). So, you can also add links to the pages you created with the Anypage plugin via the Menu Items settings page.

  • Thx, i forget this simple feature to add a menu item... Could you think it is possible to do it with the plugin itself with a custom function to let the user add a page in the menu?

  • Can someone please tell me where the anypages are strored at after creation? What file? I can't seem to locate them LOL

  • Never mind! I'm good! Thanks anyhow LOL

  • A quick question.

    I have setup anypage and testing using the view method.  My view file echos out some text (to test) and so I know that bit works.

    However, there is no header and footer.  Sorry if this is a stupid question but how does one include the inheritance for the site such as header, footer etc to a view. Apologies if I am missing something.  Or is it perhaps because I am using 1.9 instead of 1.8

    I look forward to some advice.  This is potentially one of the most useful plugins for elgg.




  • @Reis_Vermaak - Look at the code for some of the bundled plugins to see how the files in the /pages/ directory and the views build up the structure. You can use elgg_view_layout() and elgg_view_page().

  • Many thanks Brett for your reply.  I've followed the patterns and I have started to see some success.  Header and footer so far anyway. Excellent!  Thanks again


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