Release Notes

  • Fixed WSOD when creating new page.
  • Removed activate on install manifest setting.
  • I've installed but having an issue.

    I'm using 1.8.4

    I cannot create new pages.  The example pages work.  But when I click new page, I get a page with  title and path boxes but no submit button.  CR doesn't submit it.  Looking at the source, I don't see any form tags either

  • @MontanaMike

    i´m also using 1.8.4 and couldn´t create new pages. i has deleted both default pages and then i created a new page with an own page path. now it works.

  • Can we deprecate sitepages and externalpages now? :)

  • @MontanaMike and @Ronald - I can't duplicate this errror. There are no form tags because of how 1.8 handles forms. Please make sure you're using the latest version of Anypage. If you can check your error logs, please post any obvious errors.

    @evan - That's the plan! I wrote this while working on the new community theme. Figured I can refine this as a separate plugin, then merge into 1.9 or 1.10.

  • Thanks Brett for this wonderful Plugin. I installed the Plugin and created new Pages, however, the TinyMCE plugin is not working in on the new pages. I'm using Elgg 8.3 Any help?

  • @vantel - Do you mean TinyMCE isn't working on the page creation form, or that pages you create don't have TinyMCE on them?

  • i have installed it but i don't see it in the menu, i mean how do i add a link to the page?

  • oh i forgot to add it in the custom menu item, it was easy..

  • HIGHLY Recommended! Works perfectly in

    *ELGG version 1.8.5

  • Can I use this plugin to create a page for visitors /users to submit documents via forms or upload, which will be retrieved? e.g submit your article for consideration

  • @kxx4 - This plugin doesn't support actions, so no.

  • this is helpful indeed, thanks.

    one minor feature improvement is to add a 'requires admin login' option per page.

  • I made some pages with Anypage, then I added them with the Menu item-tool. Now I have a question: Is it possible, that the added pages are shown before the standard-items "Activity, Groups etc." Now they are added behind of these... Thanks!

  • Ok I installed Menu Builder and now it´s working perfectly...

  • I have created the page. Added it to custom menu. I can now access it from the site menu.

    But I can not see it when not logged-in in walled garden mode. I have marked it as "Visible through Walled Garden".

    Where should I expect it appear on the login page in walled-garden mode? Thanks.


  • @Selen - This plugin doesn't add the page to any menus; it only provides the interface for creating the page. If you have Walled Garden enabled, you'll be able to see the page, but you'll have to provide a different way to make that accessible to the user. You might want to try Coldtrick's Menu Builder and add a link to your page in the footer menu if that supports it.

  • @Brett I thank you for reply. I try Menu Builder. It is very good tool for managing site menu. But I think only for site menu. My anypage entry is already in the site menu. It works fine.

    I understand: Anypage will not automatically appear on the login page. I need to use some other tool (e.g. a footer menu manager etc) to expose it. But then what is the use of the tickbox  "Visible through Walled Garden"? I expected it to appear like site pages in the login box. About | Terms | Privacy (of course with the names of my anypages).

    Even without that this is a very good tool. Thank!

  • @Brett

    We need to enable non-admins to edit pages generated by anypage. Unfortunately this is only possible in the administration area.
    Is there a chance of providing this functionality to some special users?

    Thank you!


  • @Thomas - I don't plan to add that because it would essentially turn this into the bundled Pages plugin. Is there a reason you can't use that?

  • The problem is, that these pages will be edited by people who should not have access to any admin-function.

  • Other than that this is the best solution I have seen so far. I hope future versions of Elgg will give users the ability to create pages on the fly, with javascript, custom CSS styling for the contained elements, and html.

    I need a page which has javascript, css and iframes from I'm trying to make that work, but is it even possible with this plugin?


  • I use this one all the time for new pages, it works good and can copy html from my editor and whatnot, have not tried any javascript, doubt that would work with htmlawed, but if you disable htmlawed and create a page with javascript, and save the page, then re-enable htmlawed, will it work?

  • I'm using a tabbed content box with subtabs, made with javascript and styled with CSS, and each tab has it's own set of subtabs, and each subtabs shows a different category of RSS news feeds via


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