Release Notes

  • Simplified and changed fallback logic
  • Added URL encoding option in Admin backend. There were random issues with media not playing due to spaces in the media filename.
  • Added four new skins and relocated
  • Changed sharing link to "view". Was "download"
  • Added additional save buttons in Admin backend :)
  • Simplified and tidied code and added more comments :)
  • Fixed language error!
  • Is there a new version of veeplay that works on iOS devices? Cannot find an updated version in the plugin repo. Seems there are two problems: 1. veeplay uses the file/download page to load the file into the player. The file/download.php does not support resumable downloads. (I'm pretty sure this breaks video downloads on Safari mobile browser) and 2. veeplay is using the flash player. That certainly will not work in iOS.

    So, an updated version would require a fix to the download page in the file plugin and amending the veeplay scripts to include the lates jwplayer from longtail and proper player setup in the video player special content file.

    Anyone have any information on an updated version of veeplay and/or thoughts on required changes to the file plugin download script?

  • At this time elgg does not have a good video player i am sure soon someone will make a good video player for elgg, becasue these plugins are free it can take a while for this to happen, i updated this player check my files but its the same to be honest, if you go to the jw player site they have the files there you could try updating yourself download opther video plugins and play around with them all into 1 plugin and see how it goes


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