Release Notes

Fixed Video player height and width settings bug.

Added additional Audio effect Equalizer

Added Share option. Share with Twitter and Facebook, also provides URL copy function.


  • Well greetings Rip, I have no luck with the visual effects of this plugin, but I'm happy with its performance. Maybe have a conflict with some other. Thanks anyway for your work isexcellent.

  • Testing this plugin - I've used .mov, .mp4, mpg - all valid files that play just fine using vlc.  With this plugin there is only audio for these files.  I've disabled all other files related plugins, as well as zaudio and I'm still getting the same results.  Tested on localhost (xampp) and on my dev server - any suggestions?

  • @Rip: Videos play fine in Chrome, Safari (both major platforms) and IE, as well as Android Phone. However, I can't get it to work on Firefox (any platform) or the iPad. MP4/M4V (no flash fallback either). Playing flash files (flv) on Firefox is not a problem. Have you had any success. Thanks in advance.

  • I like this plugin, but do not work with 1.8.5...


  • Hi Is there any way to restcit the file types which ar uploaded?  I upload a .MOV file but it did not play but when I converted the file to .mp4 it played no problem, is there any way to restrict the uploads to a particular file type.



  • Dominic: On the files actions, you gotta filter the uploaded files by their MIME types.

  • @Dominic Milburn This plugin has absolutely nothing to do with the upload process, just the playing of already uploaded files.

    @matt, @Starphysique

    the plugin uses embedded jw-player as its engine. This is a different animal from most of the locally resident, standalone players such as VLC. As such, it has different play capabilities and limitations.

    @Starphysique I can play MP4 video on Firefox (v13 - Linux), try the test file below.

    In the first instance, the plugin depends on Elgg determining the mimetype of the file uploaded, generically by audio or video. The plugin then uses the file extension, if available, to determine the best way to play the file by setting the jw-player options. Once again, if Elgg recognises the file as audio, the plugin will pass it to the audio configuration of the plugin. The method of encoding plays an important role here. If there is an extension, the player tries the best settings for that extension, otherwise, if no extension, just flips to default.

    The original version of this plugin interrogated the file for mimetype independently of Elgg, but it became to much effort and I needed a quick solution. Maybe a future version I'll do it, or maybe someone else can try.

    I tested with a dozen or so different, common, file types, with different encoding, using different browsers. I had many different results, but mostly correctly formated common types worked on most common browsers.

    @matt MPG is not supported by jw-player, You should convert it to MP4, and encode it in H.264, see below.

    As browsers are updated, they will cope with more filetypes, so the plugin will hopefully be useful for a while (Elgg updates notwithstanding).

    MP4 is slightly more complicated. To quote from Wikipedia:

    "The existence of two different filename extensions, .MP4 and .M4A, for naming audio-only MP4 files has been a source of confusion among users and multimedia playback software. Some file managers, such as Windows Explorer, look up the media type and associated applications of a file based on its filename extension. But since MPEG-4 Part 14 is a container format, MPEG-4 files may contain any number of audio, video, and even subtitle streams, making it impossible to determine the type of streams in an MPEG-4 file based on its filename extension alone."

    I can only once again refer you to the jw-player site for a comprehensive list of filetypes supported and also which encoding to use.

    Following are two of the standard video test files I used for MP4 and MOV, you can get them from here, or find them, and other corretly encoded test files, elsewhere on the net.

    For re-encoding problem files, I use ffmpeg in Linux (also available for Windoze), but for something more visual and perhaps easier to use try Handbrake it's one of the best all round solutions and is available for most OS's.

    Also check here for more encoding info:

    Hope this helps.


  • I have this working for mp4 videos, but for some reason every mp3 that I upload shows the icon with the gear in it and has no link to the embedded player. I've tried numerous mp3 files and none will play.  What might I be doing wrong? 

  • how to use veeplay after the installation and the plugin activated?

  • Hi.

    I'd like to contribute with veeplay. Wheres the source ?


  • @TomG you're probably doing nothing wrong. If it plays video, then it seems to have installed properly. Given the dearth of information, I can only surmise that the issue will be with your MP3's. During testing I had no issues with valid MP3's at all. Please refer to previous posts.

    @smictom VeePlay is passive. Apart from changing settings there is nothing to do, it simply plays correctly encoded, uploaded media files. Please refer to previous posts.

    @Robson Peixoto This *is* the source.

  • Hi Rip, 

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    I'm having an issue playing uploaded .mp4 files (haven't tested anything else). I am getting the following error: "Video not found or access denied:"

    Have you come across this issue? If so is there a fix? 

    I'm trying to figure out if this is an issue with the player or something related to this issue we just resolved:

    Because we are on a shared server that uses php 5.2, the uploads weren't being recognized. after implementing the above fix, they are now recognized, but won't play. 


    Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. Cheers!


  • @nycwolverine, et al. Following are two of the standard (public domain) audio test files I used for MP3 and MP4, you can get them from here, or find them, and other corretly encoded test files, elsewhere on the net. I have just re-tested them on my 1.8.3 site, and they upload and play as expected. Let me know how you get on.

    See previous posts for standard video samples and other media information, in particular, encoding.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hello Rip, thanks for the plug. I wonder, why I can not upload videos with extension wmv, avi, real player. Even I uploaded a video with mov extension and did not read it. is reading only from ext. flash. Could help in this.

    Incidentally I inform you that we were unable to activate the Equalizer apliaciones or share.
    Thank you.

    Translated with google.

  • @Eloy E Valderrama M. Have you tried the audio and video test files I provided in previous posts?

    The main reason files don't play is because of the encoding format. I can't repeat this enough.

    VeePlay uses JW-player. Read my previous posts about the video and audio format. If your a/v file does not conform to spec it probably will not play, regardless if it plays in VLC or whatever other stand-alone player you have. Additionally, some browsers have their own reasons for not playing some a/v formats. Re-read my previous posts. Upload and try the sample files.

    Regarding the share and equalizer functions. First of all, do you mean by "activate" you cannot set the options or that you can select them and they don't work? Equalizer will obviously only work with playing audio files.

    The only other reason I can think of is that you have set the height of the player to minimum. Make a note of, then delete any values you have in the Player Size fields and try again.

    Share won't work in a closed membership site.

  • Hey, This is hopefully going to be a really stupid question - but any input would be greatly appreciated.  I can't find vplay on the site (after enableing and dissableing zaudio, etc.).  However I couldn't find zaudio either and that's why I was looking for other options.  It's in the mod folder, and appears to be "ok"  but I can't find it anywhere in the listing anywhere.  I've used the default elgg theme and others but still can't find the plugin anywhere.  Any thoughs?  Thanks

  • lolz ;-) VeePlay is an 'invisible' plugin ! There is no menu item for it ;-)
    install it an instructed (olugins order etc..)
    then after you upload *media files (check at the those screensots up ^ there;)
    and then you goto your Elgg ** Files Plugiin to have-a-lookie-see your files...
    VeePlay PlgugIn should jump in between and intercept *media mime-type files
    (m4a, mp4, etc as in the screenshots) *and bring in the 'VeePlay" code
    and other techiez funstuff -- to play your media files for you ;-P



  • oh, (duhh) -- thanks!  I'll try it!

  • hmm, well I'm still not seeing any notifications of how to play the files (other than download them).  If you have a moment, would you mind checking out:

    I've got one creative commons license there under files.

    I do have "video streamer" installed as a plugin - but that is for connecting to videowhisper for streaming media via a link.  I tried disabling that but it didn't seem to help.


    any thoughts would be appreciated -- thanks

  • Hi Rip-

    I too am having problems with playback on iOS devices using safari or mobile chrome, I get these same results: The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

    I have verfied the videos playback locally on the iPad and iPod touch, so encoding is not the problem. I can playback the videos from a laptop using safari, or chrome. My elgg version is 1.8.8. I am also using the same server to host a wordpress site with the jwplayer plugin for wordpress installed and it works fine with the exact same videos. So I know the OS and webserver are not causing problems. I am convinced your plugin is trying to force playback via flash regardless of the device because when I try to play the videos using safari I get prompted to install the latest flashplayer. So it must be doing the same for all devices thus the reason iOS devices do not work. I even went as far as replacing the jwplayer.js file by using the file from longtail, no luck. Please help!

  • @steve - looked at yr site - it is walled-in site i cant get in to see diddley ;(

  • I guys,

    I am having the same problem with playing videos on iPad or iPhone. They work fine in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on my Mac but refuse to play on my iPhone or iPad, either via the embeded player or by clicking the "Download" button in the top right corner. If I upload the same videos directly via ftp and hard link to them, I am able to view the files correctly, so the issue is not that they are in a format that iOS doesn't recognise.

    Here is an example

    I've tried a few different things with MIME types and haven't had any success on the iPad side of things. As best as I can tell I think that I need to make the "download" link include the file extension (eg .mp4, .mov etc) but I haven't worked out a way to do this yet. Currently the link is:

    and I really want it to be:

    Then I think it might work on the iPad / iPhone. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • I think I just discovered why there's no video playback on iOS devices. The file vplayer.php, located here:..../mod/veeplay/views/default/veeplay/vplayer.php suppose to set the file type variables for supported video extensions. Look at line 67, mp4 files are set to playback using flash, so iOS devices obviously don't playback the video. I tried changing it to html like in the case for webm or ogg, but had no luck. Maybe someone else can give it a try?

  • I have almost finished an update - should be finished in the next couple of days.


    I made the flash to html changes you suggested in vplayer.php however I did not see any different results. I believe that the types defiend here are only the default playback types and that if you select flash, but flash isn't avaiable (eg on iPad) then it should fall back to HTML anyway.

    Also, are you the same Rico that was posting on the longtail support forums? I am the "Matthew" that has been posting there.


    Thanks for all your hard work, I will test out the new version as soon as it is available.



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