Release Notes

Added autostart selection. It was too important to wait for.

Made minor editorial changes

To Do:

  • Add optional CSS surrounding frame, different shapes/designs
  • Add file sharing and embedding

Developed with Elgg 1.8.3

  • this is great.i'l try it on my local host and feed you back

  • Wow! Looks really great! Er-do you know what to change to make it elgg 1.7.7 compatible?

  • faser is possible to operate at 1.7.15
    How can I faser this?

  • Great!! but i tried install en my localhost but i can´t upload videos... What type of video and audio formats can be uploaded?

  • @kxx4 - Thanks for the feedback.

    @Antonio González

    • You said you tried to install does that mean it did install or didn't install?
    • What Elgg version are you using?
    • Have you previously uploaded and played media files in Elgg succesfully?
    • Have you tested with a simple video and audio file that you know works in your browser outide of Elgg?

    VeePlay is simply a shell on JW player which enhances the File plugin. VeePlay has nothing to do with what you can or can't upload, filesize or format you choose to upload; whether the files reside on remote or localhost; it has nothing to do with file management. What does it do? It simply attempts to play what you have uploaded, if it is a valid media file from the list below that Elgg recognizes and you have the appropriate browser, VeePlay should play it.

    VeePlay/JW Player is capable of playing these files:

    Video Formats
    MP4 ( .mp4, .m4v, .f4v, .mov )
    WebM ( .webm )
    FLV ( .flv )
    OGG ( .ogv )

    Audio Formats
    AAC ( .aac, .m4a, .f4a )
    Vorbis ( .ogg, .oga )
    MP3 ( .mp3 )

    I have tested all of these filetypes, and all of them play. BUT  it depends on the user browser type and version and method of media encoding, which are pretty much out of your control. Browser playback of media in or out of Elgg is currently quite a convoluted subject.

    With VeePlay I have tried to simplify the audio/video process and maximize the number of media types that can be played back - that's it.

  • faser is possible to operate at 1.7.15
    How can I faser this?

  • For 1.7.15 should be very easy. Great job!! Loving the update!

  • BTW, you should put on your manifest this:



  • Sorry, oops, this:

  • @rjcalifornia - thanks for the kind comments and input.

    Yes, you've probably seen that the manifest is currently:

        </requires> I tested it with only that version of File. Call me Mr old fashioned, but I didn't want to be more generic without a test first.

    Are you recommending that I drop the version?

  • Hi!

    Well, I never use version, 'cause it keeps changing hehe No, leave it as it is :D

  • Great job! Great plugin works fine in 1.8
    But as I mentioned earlier if possible faser work on version 1.7.15 why not do it too?

  • Hello excellent job for me as a customer's site. Works great on elgg 1.8.4. Only in the audio spectrum can appreciate the sound. Nothing I can not live.
    Thanks for that we can only give our opinion because we do not know of the matter.

    Translated with google.

  • @MaddinB - Sorry, no idea. I started using Elgg at 1.8.3.

    @Felixrubens - I'm glad it works for you in 1.8.

    Btw, bumping won't change anything, maybe even have the opposite effect you desire. As I have clearly said, this was developed using 1.8.3, why would I develop it for something I have never had or used or ever will use?

    Please consider upgrading your version of Elgg, or as I did, and everyone else on this site who has submitted their own developments, learn how to create your own plugin it's not so hard. All the information you need is well documented and available here, as well as hundreds of fine examples from many people who have given their time and effort and shared their results. However, if you can't or won't learn, there are also many people on this site, myself included, who would willingly make you a commercial offer.

    @rjcalifornia - Good point. Though I think it's upwards compatible. so, 1.8.1 means it's good for 1.8.2...? I'll look into it. Thanks again for the positive input.

    @ Eloy E Valderrama M - Thanks for the 1.8.4 report, I'm happy it works for you. I think we lost a bit in translation after that! Did you mean there was sound missing in video playback? Sometimes this can be due to encoding, for example Flash/HTML5 requires that .mov files be encoded in h.264.

    To paraphrase Lincoln, "You can play all of the media some of the time and some of the media all of the time, but you can't play all of the media all of the time." - at least not with current web/media technology!

    Find more information here:


  • Hello Rip. Thanks for answering. Our site is working fine, with files uploaded to test in real time. The only thing not working and not really important, is the spectrum when playing music, but plays very well. The rest, well. Thank you for this work and through you to all who offer their work freely and lovingly. GOD BLESS ALL.

  • @ Eloy E Valderrama M - Thanks for the positive input. Disappointing to hear about the visualizer, I just looked and I can't see what might be causing it, but perhaps there is something in 1.8.4 that I'm not aware of yet. I'll be upgrading in a week or so, I'll have a closer look then.

    In the meantime, I have an intermediate version you can try to test. It adds an equalizer option as well as a share option. It should be ok for test though. PM me if you want to try it out.

  • Thanks for your plugin. For some reason, I cannot get your pluging to resize correctly via the settings. I am using 1.8.4.

  • Runs in 1.8.4!!! Intersting...

    But theres an error with admin's configuration height and width of audio and video.

    width inputs not working, and height values appears results in width in visualization.

    Thanks... Nice Job

  • @Starphysique @Matheus Abreu - Thank you both. It was a typo. Sorry. It's fixed now. I'll upload a new version, in the next hour or so.

  • i tried this plugin on 1.8.1 on localhost and it could not get activated as a plugin, in the first place.I will upgrade my test site on localhost and try it out.

  • I tried it on version 1.8.4 on local host,it installed but wen try playing uploaded files it buffers But don't play.I use google chrome18.0.1025.168m,comet 7.0.1,internet explorer 8.0.6001.18702.....plz advice

  • @kxx4

    • What sort of files, audio or video?
    • What type of files, mp3, mp4, etc.?
    • What encoding, H.264, AAC, etc?
    • Read the previous mesages, particularly the link:

    • Have you played any video sucessfully?
    • Have you played any audio sucessfully?
    • Have you tried a simple test mp3?
    • Have you tried a simple test flv?
    • Can you play the files using any other method?
    • Have you played audio or video in previous Elgg versions? If yes, what did you use?

    You said it installed on your localhost, but did it play anything locally?

    I get permanent buffering trying to play f4a in Firefox, but it plays fine in Chrome, for example. I can't play anything from iTunes.

    The multi-dimensional matrix of filetypes, encoding and browser is complex. I would be surprised if you can't play anything though. Start troubleshooting with an mp3 audio, and an flv and mov/mp4 video. You can get open source sample files from wiki or other places on the web - Google is your friend.

    Download this open source video to test your site:


  • @Rip: Thanks for the sample video, it worked well on my localhost.I suggest you package this plugin show latest videos on front page, so that the videos uploaded will be recognized as videos and not just files. 

    2.To play other video formats so that users can upload videos without doin so much conversion


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