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made compatible with ELGG 1.8.3 and ELGG 1.8.4

  • @pappapa set it to 775 and if that doesn't work then try 777 (not recommended though)

  • @ miteshsc thanks for a quick reply. I tried the install with downgraded version of Elgg 1.8.3 and two different browsers (Chrome and Firefox), still the same message. I can see that there is a ellg.php but somehow installation cannot find it. System requirements are ok PHP 5.3.1 and MySql up to date. Still it can't find it. I am testing it on XAMPP 1.73 on local server. Installer still can't find the module. I found an error in the path in Elgg.php page_elements instead of new page/elements, but changing the path did not change anything. Any other ideas?  thanks a million for help

  • @ miteshsc I was able to install the plug in on Joomla. It looks good though it would be great if you can configure the position or make it a part of a front page. Plus in the project I need to do Joom is not the perfect choice. Maybe you could send me the link to Elgg plugin and I could install it manually in Elgg? Thanks again

  • I also have a blank chat area after typing in an entry, but looking on the server we don't have a data folder in our /public_html/mod/group_chat folder?

    Can you be more specific about what file or folder needs to have the permissions changed to 775 please.

  • @artur: I am not getting your problem. are you able to run basid ELGG website in your xampp?

    @Steve1969: public_html/elgg_data/group_chat. Thanks. if working fine then pls recommend it.

    @ajojavi: which version of ELGG you are using??? it is working fine with 1.8.3 and 1.8.4.

  • Still no joy even after changing the permissions....I still have a blank chat area?

  • I'm using version 1.8.3 by the way...

  • @steve1969: disable the plugin and do enable it again. do you have fresh 1.8.3?

  • Thanks for the quick reply - Already done that I'm afraid and still have the same issue and yes we installed Elgg a couple of days ago so it is also a fresh install. Tried 755 and 777 and have all files and folders in mod/group_chat chmod 777 at the moment with no luck :-(

  • @ miteshsc I have no problem with running elgg. It is just the instalation of the plugin that produces mentioned above error. Possibly if I could copy manually the plugin to the mod folder it would work just fine since the table and the core are created during the instalation without problems. Thanks again

  • @Artur: That's geate. i will figure it out. Happy Chatting. :)

  • @ miteshsc I appreciate that. A zipped file with the plugin and intructions where to put them in the folder tree should be enough :)

  • in ../admin/plugin_settings/group_chat yu can see this error.

    Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/r3dcom/public_html/mod/group_chat/views/default/plugins/group_chat/settings.php on line 4

  • i fix change settings.php on line 4 by this.


    echo elgg_view('input/text', array('name' => "params[group_chat_days]", 'value' => $vars['entity']->group_chat_days, 'class' => ' '));



  • @grizzly: Thats good. I have removed it in latest release.


Highly interested in social media plugin development and have been working on my own concept social website.. Hope fully will execute it pretty soon :)


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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