Release Notes

1) Resolved permission issue

2) Removed extra slash from setting.php view file.

  • @mishsc : Nice plugin, i'll probably build on it, if no future versions planned yet ? :

    I would probably add some settings :

    • option to make it available in various situations in a group (group homepage only, all pages in group context)
    • option to make it available on an object-basis : ad hoc chat for an entity current viewers
    • maybe option to allow a global site-chat


    Also for those interested in UTF-8 support, here's a tiny patch to apply in group_chat/actions/group_chat/process.php at line 99 :


    $message = htmlentities(strip_tags($_GET['message']));

    with :

    $message = htmlentities(strip_tags($_GET['message']), ENT_QUOTES | ENT_IGNORE, "UTF-8");

  • also add in start.php, line 60 (insert before $content = file_get_contents($filepath); ) :

    if (file_exists($filepath))

    so you have :

    if (file_exists($filepath)) $content = file_get_contents($filepath);

    This avoids a lot of warnings in logs.

  • I would like to have the chat window on the left in the screen. What must I do? Thanks

  • This chat is a fantastic idea. I only just discovered this plugin. Exactly what I was looking for.

    I am however having the same problems as others are having. I'm on Elgg 1.8.12

    @Facyla + miteshsc
    It would be awesome if you could work together perhaps. I would also love the option of site wide chat, perhaps letting the USER decide?

    But the idea of a group chat is exactly what I need in any circumstance.


    I have set the data directory + the all these folders & the file:  mod/group_chat/actions/group_chat/process.php to 777 

    Still no text in chat. 


    It would be great if we could get this plugin built right into Elgg. But until then, is anyone working on fixing these problems? Thanks guys. Great idea !

  • Where did my comment go? (confused).

    I'm having the same problem. No text shows up. I tried changing the permissions to 777 on data directory and mod/group_chat/actions/group_chat/process.php but I have not been so lucky as others.

    I love the idea of this group chat. It's the perfect integration of a chat for Elgg!

  • I finnaly got the group chat to work!

    Turns out my ftp browser was not showing the "group chat" folder in the data directory until now, so I thought people were talking about the group chat folder inside the mod folder :)

    Now I just need to figure out how to move the group chat to the left side of the window, somehow the css does not seem to respond. Working on it.

  • #container {
    bottom: 0px ;
    display: none ;
    position: fixed ;

    the right: 0px if what controls where it is located.  you can move it by changing the 0px to whatever, or change it to left: 0px and move it from there the same way

  • Thanks costakisc! Actually I discovered it myself yesterday, but it's very kind of you to post the code also so everyone else can make use of it. Thanks again.

    But I'm really here to say WEIRD!!! Yesterday I had a functioning group chat, positioned in the left hand side and all was great. The new folders in the data directory created by the group chat plugin automatically got the right permissions and life was sweet.

    Then past midnight (ghost in the machine?) suddenly the chat began appearing but not with the chat slowly opening up, and on the right hand side and then disappearing from the bottom up???

  • If you're still staring at a computer screen after midnight, things start appearing and disappearing at random. Turn yourself off and on again in the morning :)

  • How do you change it so that the chat box shows the display name rather than the username?

  • How can I change the word 'Chat' in the group chat window, to i.e. 'Terminal' ? I've been going through the php files but couldn't really find anything, MIGHT be due to the fact that php code looks to me like the aliens have landed and taken over digital print.

  • did you look in the language file?

  • Hey Costakisc.

    Yes I did, I couldn't find anything. Which surprised me too.

  • having some issues so i cant test, but i think this is it:

    /group_chat/views/default/group_chat/chat_window.php line 49

  • You're right on the spot costakisc ! Perfect! I am very grateful. My group chat is now the Terminal :)

  • i've been finding that the bottom bar chat for 1.8 is almost complete, but has some errors.. if we can combine group chat with bottom bar, we will have an open source equivalent to arrow chat.. pretty much. its on the bottom of my 'to do' list.

  • Hello, first thanks for the plugin,

    but I have a question. Can I augment the number of character wich can be write ?

  • @Globuse: Yes you can.

    @Facyla: yes i have been busy with some other work but have developed newer version of Group chat and still doing development of it. Hopefully will put it here soon :)

    @All: sorry not getting in touch

  • If anyone has a node js experience then kindly ping me, i would like to discuss newer version 

  • ok. Where can I change this setting ?

  • same for us... not works. No text

  • Hi, your plugin is more efficient and i want to integrate it in my social network create by elgg with facebook theme, but i have a problem: I would to extend your chat in any pages of group and no only the main page group. Can you help me to resolve this problem? Thanks :) 

  • Awesome idea, but it conflicts with the AJAX options of the widget_manager.

    Maybe a similar option could be written for this:


  • Hi, I am trying to use Group Chat but having enabled it I see no sign of it anywhere?  I have changed the Elgg data directory permissions to 777 and changed all the Group_Chat directories similarly.  but no sign of any Group Chap on my site?  Any ideas please anyone? I am a rookie by the way.....


  • hi, rookie...

    you can see group chat pop-up on group page...


Highly interested in social media plugin development and have been working on my own concept social website.. Hope fully will execute it pretty soon :)


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