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made compatible with ELGG 1.8.3 and ELGG 1.8.4

  • now I have no errors, but what I write do not see the message box. You have to configure something?



  • ajax chat like this isn't recommended for elgg sites on shared hosting. thanks for the great work miteshsc! i recommend this plugin.

  • Elgg group space development is its strong point. Great idea! Can't wait to test it.

  • @Cim: I am working on it. I will soon release new version(Reverse AJAX) of Group chat, it will come over the issue reported by you. and i am also adding more features in it, more user friendly and improve security standard.

    if any suggestion then pls go ahead.

  • but what I write do not see the message box. You have to configure something?





  • @teoos: No, you dont need to configure anything. i think you must have permission issue in folder called group_chat of data dir.

    Please check it, it should be writable. 

  • I would really like to use this plugin, but when I install I don't see it on my page and also when I try to change the settings, I cannot reach the settings page because it gives me a server error page.

    I have a freshly installed elgg 1.8.4 and just copied the group-chat folder to the mod folder of elgg. I activated the plugin, but don't see it appearing on my site.

  • I'm the error this file: (/mod/group_chat/views/default/plugins/group_chat/settings.php on line 4)

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NS_SEPARATOR, expecting ')' in /home/fliperu/public_html/fliper/mod/group_chat/views/default/plugins/group_chat/settings.php on line 4

    Type File: (settings.php)



    <?php echo elgg_echo('group_chat:setting');


     echo elgg_view('input/text', array('name' => "params[group_chat_days]"\, 'value' => $vars['entity']->group_chat_days, 'class' => ' '));




    Help, Plesse...

  • because the use XMLHttpRequest to simulate a chat Comet

  • example:




    function http(){ 
        if(typeof window.XMLHttpRequest!='undefined'){ 
            return new XMLHttpRequest(); 
                return new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP'); 
                alert('Su navegador no soporta AJAX'); 
                return false; 

    function request(url,callback,params){ 
        var H=new http(); 
        var p=''; 
        for(var i in params){ 

    function $(x){return document.getElementById(x);} 

    function f(r){ 
            var txt=r.split('<br />').reverse(); 
            for(var i=0;txt[i];i+=2) 
                $('mse').innerHTML+=txt[i]+'<br />'; 
            var indice=parseInt(r.split('<br />')[0]); 

    function ver(e){ 
        var t=e.keyCode || e.wich; 
            return false; 
        return true; 


  • is this chat secure? does it sanitize scripts/codes and what not?

  • @dummi05: Chat is available on Group profile page.

    @Macilio Campos:


    in there is one extra slash before comma. i think this causing problem with your installation. Please open this file and remove extra slash then after it works.

    @:Cim: yeah, I have tried my best to consider every security aspects. If you have any in mind then pls share with me so that i can make it more secure.

  • @ALL USERS: If you are facing any problem then pls put it here. so that i would fix all bugs in next release.

  • My Chat window is blank still.  What file needs to have write permissions

  • @miteshsc Ok I see the chat window in de group I've made, but when I type something it in, it stays blank just like @AJCLOUD. Also, I still don't get to go in to the settings page, it gives me an internal server error.

  • @AJCLOUD, @dummi05: when you start chat, it creates txt file in data folder. so that directory should be writable. make sure you have write permission in it or not.

  • @ miteshsc

    Perfect Misteshsc. Thanks for helping. full working perfect.

  • @MacilioC: Thanks. Keep chatting... :)

  • @ miteshsc

    Every group I have created to give permission on the server. The folder where the files are generated are 144 with permission. But precisely with permission to stay in 733 male gender. How do I corrigr this?

  • @Macilio: Sorry, but i didn't get your point. :(

  • I love the chat, only if it was working...

    When I type in a chat message, the it just stays blank like other people,

    Do I need to edit permissions on the chmod?

  • I have tried to install the plugin on v 1.84. Takes me through all the steps till type of installation. I tried first the modular one but get a message that "Download the below module for your appropriate CMS The module has not yet been made for your driver. Please go through the manual installation." Then I tried to copy the code to the header.php but after that the page displays as blank. The path to the header in that version is /views/default/page/elements. The structure might have changed as there is not head tag in there. Any help would be appreciated. The idea of the plugin is great as I need to divide a number of people into groups. Sadly can't get the plugin working.                            

  • @Pappapa97111: Yes, you should have write permission in data/group_chat directory. 
    @Artur : I think you should install fresh 1.8.4 version, as your problem tells some what different issue. and then install this plugin, you will see group chat in group profile page.
    I hope this would be help full to both of you.

  • @macillo:good work,i'll try it out.i've been searching for a chat plugin with user profile picx....please add room creation and webcam in your next release.

  • which permissions number on Chmod should you change it to?


Highly interested in social media plugin development and have been working on my own concept social website.. Hope fully will execute it pretty soon :)


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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