• Looks great (if I can get it to work that is!)...  do I need to create a folder or file or something for this mod to write to?  It doesn't seem to be creating it's own area (like the code says it should)... so I'm wondering if I need to create it. What it's doing... the chat bar shows.... it seems to be accepting input but is not showing anything in the chat box.  When I moved it to the top of my plugin list it didn't show at all, but it shows at the bottom....  Also, it doesn't seem to be doing the popup 'login' that the code shows should be there.  I've gone through the files and can't figure out what's causing it not to show myself. It would be fantastic to get this working.  Help?

  • I keep getting this (right behind the chat box) "ERROR: Vars in views must be an array: group_chat/chat_process_engine" - any ideas?

  • @mistress: you dont need to create any folder or dir as it will create on its own. can you please share screen shot with me. so that i could get better idea about your problem.

  • error is trapped by view.php processing logic.
    function elgg_view($view, $vars = array(), $bypass = false, $debug = false, $viewtype = ''){
    * @param array $vars Variables to pass to the view.
    -- need to find the offending code -whether this plugin or another slinky somewhere..

  • i have this problem:
    Deprecated in 1.8: get_loggedin_user() is deprecated by elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity() Called from [#9] /homepages/4/d412642708/htdocs/elgg/mod/group_chat/views/default/group_chat/chat_windows.php
    Deprecated in 1.8: page_owner() was deprecated by elgg_get_page_owner_guid(). Called from [#10] /homepages/4/d412642708/htdocs/elgg/mod/group_chat/start.php:51
    Deprecated in 1.8: get_plugin_setting() is deprecated by elgg_get_plugin_setting() Called from [#10] /homepages/4/d412642708/htdocs/elgg/mod/group_chat/start.php:52

  • @cim: Thanks!!

    @iZiDuR, @DhrupDeScoop: which version of ELGG you are using??

    it should work fine.

    please share with me if you found any bugm as i want to otimize it. :)


  • @All: I have new release.. hope fully you all find it more appropriate than previous release.

    Looking forward for feedback!!

  • MiT
    I was simply explaining what that error for Ravengoths issue was
    view.php  function elgg_view($view, $vars = array(), expects an array and so either this plugin OR another one has got some slightly out of date or bad API call.
    * @param array $vars Variables to pass to the view.
    -- need to find the offending code -whether this plugin or another slinky somewhere..
    I have not installed or tested yet, only reading the code. But this loks interesting enough for some testing, later. For our Site..  I had patched in another not so powerful open source chat for some similar Group Chat purposes before.


  • @All Hello Masters, i have any problems to install this plugin in mod directory.

    ¿What i do? i insert  the folder "group_chat" in mod directory and then in my elgg i set enable this plugin in admin tools.

    ¿what i am doing bad? ¿wont I have enough permission in this directory?

    Thanks people


  • The problem is the version, i use 1.7.15, is possible customize the source code to use this plugin.

    1000 thanks...


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