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Allows users to delete (or cancel) their own accounts

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Plugin settings allow admin to select the method for account termination, as well as whether to collect user feedback:


The users metadata, relationships, access collections, profile information, profile image are all deleted.  The display name is changed to "Inactive User".  The profile page cannot be viewed, the hover menu shows no options for this user (except admin functions for admin).  The password is invalidated, the email address changed to a placeholder email and outgoing mail is prevented for this user.  The only remaining peice of information is the username, kept in order to retain URLs to content.

All public/logged in content remains accessible on the site.  Once anonymized the deleted information cannot be retrieved.

Ban - user bans their own account.   No information or relationships is deleted, but the user cannot log in, cannot be interacted with.  Content remains accessible on the site.  This can be undone by an administrator.


Delete - The users account is completely deleted along with all of their content.  This is permanent and cannot be undone.


Choose - Users can choose from the above actions at the time of account termination.


Users have a link to delete their account on the side bar of their settings page.

Admins can view user feedback from the admin -> users menu

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