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Resume/ePortfolio plugin with detailed section fields and scores based on CVRank standards

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This plugin is a derivative work of Facyla's resume, in turn a derivative work of Pablo Borbon's "Resume aka ePortfolio" plugin :

It provides standardized Resume/ePorfolio fields, prepared for CVRank calculation functions. While Elgg objects are exportable, we want to develop a portable format (XML Namespace), and simplify the import/export of data, so that users of any Elgg site will be able to move their resumes easily.

The plugin also provides configurable rankings of resumes (CV Rankings), thought for professionals who would like to compare candidates' achievements.

While this is a fork of the aforementioned projects, and the structure has been kept as near to the originals as possible, a direct upgrade to this version wouldn't work as expected. It would be, however, simple for any interested developer, to create a new version of the other plugins by copying the CVRanking Resume structure and changes, and adapting to it the other resume fields and types.

We have used Facyla's importance bars to show "scores" (grades, language level,...) and CVRs. As for Facyla's other implementations - Print, Europass XML, and protovis/chronogram, we haven't upgraded them yet.

This is an early release. It is released for testing, and to allow for collaboration and interaction between developers and people interested in CVRank. Fields might change in future releases, and because of that some fields of the objects created by your users could be unusable in future releases. I would recommend not to use it at this moment in a production site, unless you know what you are doing, and are prepared to do some changes in the future.

Rohit Gupta

Coding is all I can say.! (

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  • Updated: 2019-4-8
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