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  • Hello Stan, I am new to elgg and have a stupid question :(

    How do you place your own graphic logo instead of text logo?

    There should be two different logo replacements before and after log in.

    Thanks for the great theme.


  • Oh.. stan.. is this only me that layout displays awkward in Internet Explorer.

    It displays okay on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox except register link on right top corner displays awkward before user logs in though.

    Will you make any updates? or it is happening just to me?



    I hope you enjoyed your exams and passed :D (I passed mine)


    Things are misaligned, the chat message icon is not in the right place, the font is incorrect in places, I get a nice fatal error message (which I found out is ok), and look at what the twitter plugin did!

    And is there an application where users can find each other based on geographic location (i.e. zip code)

    Can you help me out, I would really appreciate it.

    Here are some pictures to show you what I am talking about

  • Spanish translation

    Create file es.php in cool_theme/languages/

    Copy and paste he following text:

    add_translation('es', array(
        'annotation:group_topic_post:value:placeholder' => 'Responder...',
        'annotation:generic_comment:value:placeholder' => 'Comentar...',
        'composer:object:thewire' => "Estado",
        'composer:object:bookmarks' => "Favoritos",
        'composer:object:blog' => "Blog",
        'composer:annotation:messageboard' => "Post",
        'composer:object:file' => 'Archivo',
        'composer:prompt' => 'Accion',

        'file:river:create' => 'Archivo subido',
        'files' => 'Archivos',
        'friend:user:add' => "Agregar %s como Amigo",
        'groups:add' => 'Crear Grupo...',
        'home' => 'Inicio',
        'newsfeed' => 'Noticias RSS',
        'profile:wall' => "Muro",
        'profile:info' => "Info",
        'profile:activity:none' => "No hay actividad para mostrar",
        'likes:likethis' => 'Me gusta',
        'likes:remove' => 'Quitar Me gusta',
        'notifications:personal' => "Notificaciones",
        'pages:river:create' => 'Página creada',

        'river:comment:object:thewire' => '',
        'river:comments:all' => 'Ver todos %d los comentarios',
        'river:messageboard:group:default' => '',
        'river:replies:all' => 'Ver todas %d las respuestas',
        'river:to' => '%s &#x25B6 %s',
        'rss:subscribe' => 'Subscribete via RSS',

        'see:all' => 'Ver todo',
        'settings:user' => 'Configuracion de la cuenta',

  • I was just reading discussion on elgg and i saw a lot of questions about ads needed on  elgg website using .

    Take a look at and let me know if that is what you want on your website... Open the website and then click on any profile activities and look on the right side of the page. As you click on diffrent menues on the left side, the ads are reloaded with new ads each and every click you make... i mean, each page has diffrent ads loaded when a page is browsed or links are clicked. I have only tested it on "Facebook theme for elgg". For those using "My cool Theme", you can test it out when it will be ready for download on elgg community.

    I had ot design a plugin that is taking care of the whole twizanex site ads. The twizanex ads or adverts plugin works without too much codes changes... ust activate the plugin and your site is twizanex ads ready to go...

    Let me know  if that is what you are looking for...


  • How do you upload them to your site. I can't see any themes but the basic one of the sandbox.

  • Never mind, I just found the problem. Thanks anway

  • I LOVE THIS THEME in elgg, ONLY and ONLY I want this COOL THEME for my future website.

    I hope Stan would soon release the updated version of this lovely theme and I can not want :(

    good luck for your exam Stan, study is first of course then other things. 

    So take your time, when u r free after your exams, come back to us here becoz we all are waiting for you to fix these issues :)


  • Ok I passed my exam and succeed

    @Ve thank you very much for the spanish translation it will be in the package

    The update will come in two or maybe three days I have tons of work from everywhere but the new release will be there :-)

    I will send a message to all those who contacted me to prevent them.

    To all those who encounter issues, fatal errors or who want to custom the theme to infinite and beyound, I will also publish in the same time guidelines on my new website for Elgg developers and give my knowledge.

    Do not hesitate to contact me :

    Best regards from France to all of you!

  • Thanks Stan

    FIX: start.php (to translate to another language)

            if (elgg_is_active_plugin('thewire')) {
                elgg_register_menu_item('page', array(
                    'section' => 'more',
                    'name' => 'thewire',
                    'text' => elgg_view_icon('share') . elgg_echo('thewire'),
                    'href' => "/thewire/friends/$user->username",
                    'contexts' => array('dashboard'),

  • can i use this as final production site? i think it shouldn't get any issue of that right? because the design it shoudn't have design register under facebook and twitter right? any suggestion ? or it just can use it as personal testing ?


  • @Ve : fixed and I added your translation :)

    I am finishing the documentation...

    @Val99 : maybe wait the next version I have added a credit page where I mention every person who contributed including twitter

  • @ Stan keep up the good work. 

  • I can not find where to modify to see the icon "like"

  • Hello everyone,

    I was having issues with comments appearing inline (below the post) and also again on top as post. I just commented add_to_river('river/annotation/generic_comment/create', 'comment', $user->guid, $entity->guid, "", 0, $annotation); at the line 59 of the file elgg/actions/comments/add.php.

    Not sure if it's the correct way, but.. :)

    This is my second post on Elgg's community, being the first one explaining how I solved the "headers alreadt sent" problem.

    Again, I'm not sure if it's the right way, but it has been working so far. I'm trying Elgg using the version 1.8.8 (and LOVING it).

    BTW, thanks for the great theme.

  • By clicking on "View all comments" from a post on the wall, the comments are not visibles. Only is displayed page page with the original post without the comments.

    Temporarily, I solved this by removing the limit of visible comments:

    changed in: mod/cool_theme_ultimate/views/default/river/elements/responses.php

    $comment_count = $object->countComments();

    $comments = elgg_get_annotations(array(
        'guid' => $object->getGUID(),
        'annotation_name' => 'generic_comment',
        'limit' => 0,
        'order_by' => 'n_table.time_created desc'

  • Hi guys,

    My theme (cool_theme) can't show 'upload file' and 'create album'/'upload photo' (for Tidypics plugin) buttons in mobile devices, yet it shows them very well on computer. Please help.

    Am sure the problem is the theme because when i deactivate it, elgg shows all those buttons in mobile devices very well.

    The mobile plugin  I use is mobilize.


  • @Ve, thanks for redirecting the new users to the reccomended theme !

    By the way, there is another New plugin that you should try with this theme. It will redirect your users to a logout page just like facebook does. For more information, find it here :

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Good luck


  • One question. I have Events and Members Plugin Activated. I have added the two in start.php and its visible in the dashboard. But whenever i open any of the two link the portion on the left is empty. The menus are missing. Please tell me how can i add those.!!!

  • Can someone explain how to add my other plugin pages to any menu. Works in the default theme just not any other thems.

    Thank you

  • On 1.8.15 it appears to be broken: for example, clicking on the "dashboard" topbar item does take nowhere... Is the theme supported, yet? (However, kudos for this theme, it's the nicer one, as I can tell...).

  • Hey Stan, nice plugin. Two issues though.

    1. As Marco said they dashboard link does not work.

    2. Is there any way to get the links that would be found in the 'more' tab on the elg default theme? For example; Members link.

    If you can fix those two things, you have the best plugin by far.  



    The Truth 


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