My cool theme v1.0

  • I installed it, and on the home page the login/password form is displayed in the header and in the left menu bar. How do I remove it from the top right in the header?

  • I have an error when i post my friend's wall

    Fatal Error.

    Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search for more information.

     Can anybody help me?

    • Cool Theme 1.8

      Cool Theme 1.8 is not a valid Elgg plugin. Check the Elgg documentation for troubleshooting tips.

      Location: /home/exposing/public_html/mod/Cool Theme 1.8/

      Missing file start.php in package


    Any reason why this is saying it's not a vaild Elgg theme? I'm using 1.8.4 and cannot get it to install. Yes the start.php is in the package before and after upload(using Filezilla).




  • @eric. try just creating a start.php in the folder

  • How do I add options or links in the sidebar that appears on the profile?

  • any thoughts. Cool Theme is not recognized as plug in

    Location: D:/XAMP/xampp/htdocs/elgg/mod/cool_theme/

    Invalid manifest file for plugin cool_theme



  • Great theme. Small issues like overlapping text on login screen and also redundant (double) login fields on the start page. Curiously awaiting the new version!


  • Guys,

    Brace yourselves,

    New version is coming soon (still working on it)

    Next week I have exams for engeenering schools and some interviews so wait a moment ;-)

    I have read all your comments and I am really pleased you all enjoy my work! I have registered your issues and fix everything soon

    Keep me inform in your comments or message me

  • @ stan all the best for your exams and interviews. 

  • Thanks Stan, good luck on your exams!

  • Hi, Stan! That's a great theme you've made! I totally recommend it. Congratulations for your work. I'm using it at, a social network of journalists in Mallorca.

    I know you're working in a new version. Although, I have a little question. I'd like to extend left menu in the main dashboard. It would be great that users could see in dashboard the same items shown in the left menu of the profile page (like Events or Contacts). Also, and the most important for me, I'd like to insert in the left bar new plugins to show. I'm thinking in the Twitter plugin, for example. I'm beginner in css and html code and I don't know if that's possible in your theme.

    Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience!

    PS: And good luck for your exams!

  • hi, Adrian Blakey You can edit the header.php file that is in the path / mod / cool_theme / views / default / page / elements / header.php.
    eliminates or off where it says: echo elgg_view_form ('login', array ('id' => 'facebook-login-header'));

  • how to add widget to the sidebar of cool theme, please help

  • This is indeed a cool theme! Very cool!

    The strength of this theme is that its user interface has a functional design, rather than based on collection of tools. I do not know how it stands legally, as it visually looks like some social networks.

    And the people complaining about the overlapping login fields, just select the " Restrict pages to logged-in users" in http://localhost:8080/elgg-1.8.4/admin/settings/advanced. If you do not want to use closed garden, then you will have to do some programming.

    On the downside, it is not mature for mainstream use. It might have some issues like allowing one sending friend requests to oneself on profile page. I tried it out with Coldtrick's Profile Manager and there were alignment issues with admin defined fields. Let's be fair: you can not expect a plug-in to be compatible with every other plug-in and every theme has different degree of flexibility.

    Great theme! Hope to see the new version soon!


  • Hi Stan, if we install this version, will we be able to upgrade to your newer version when you are back?


  • An observation: When used together with the Satheesh PM's '3 Column River Activity' plugin & elgg's standard walled garden feature, the login form is not properly displayed. The login form is displayed one field (e.g. username) at a time.

    Moving up & down in plugin section does not correct the behaviour.



  • I have checked the issues 'My Cool Theme' also on the Evan Winslow's 'Facebook Theme for Elgg 1.8' (BTW this might be a dangereous name for a theme) on which Stan's My Cool Theme is base.

    Evan's theme does not have most of these issues. That is: you can not befriend yourself, you do not have conflict with  Satheesh PM's '3 Column River Activity' plugin, and the additional profile fields you define with Coldtrick's Profile Manager are aligned well. The only issue is the password text overlapping with the password field on the home page in non-walled garden mode. Looks like this is the only original error Stan's theme inherited from Evan's theme.

    To cut the long story short; this is indeed a very cool theme but for now, if you want a facebook like theme, Evan Winslow's 'Facebook Theme for Elgg 1.8' is definitely the only stable option.




  • All the issues are fixed in the next version. I will post it to my website (the plugin homepage) and here with guidelines to custom the theme on your own.

  • @stan can't wait!

    I can't comment on a messageboard post, is that normal or is it due to the theme? I can comment on wireposts, but not when someone posted something on my messageboard.

  • The theme is really cool, I use it, please visit, social networking for the citizens of the city of Semarang - Indonesia.

    Best Regards.

  • Hello : Very good theme for Elgg ! Thanks !


    Add feature to modify the home page
    Add feature to comment / delete activity
    Add feature to delete status 



  • We have installed this theme at interbuy but the only problem that might be abit important is that there is no drop down menu, we would like to have a drop down menu for all the plugins. is that anyway possible or is anyone here availible to make a plugin for that? ;-o0

  • Is it me or is there no way to comment on a message board post??

  • i'm using 1.8.5..working fine with no error..great job and nice theme.recommended.



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