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  • @Melly & Stan: this error also occurs with the facebook_theme plugin. I don't know if the reason has already been found (and fixed) in the facebook_theme plugin. I think someone mentioned it has been fixed but as far as I know the error still occurs even with the latest version so the fix didn't work 100%.

  • I installed the Facebook theme as well and got the same error :/

  • Thank you. I like this theme alot!  Thank you for sharing! -  recommended!

  • Felicitaciones Stan! Gran aporte a la comunidad! Saludos!

  • Just in case someone else is having the fatal error problem, I fixed it. I had the "Custom Index 1.8" activated, once I unactivated this, it now works properly :)

  • I'm just curious if there are any registration widgets or anything that sync well with this? I need to have an index page with regestraion and login on it, that I could use to explain a little about the site. Any such thing?

  • There is a fatal error error because the dashboard of my theme have some conflicts with river dashboard...

    Thank you for all those returns, I really appreciate the interest you all have in this work

    I'm actually translating more than 3000 strings in French in PHP files and I finish to make my site faster. When it will be done, I will share all my work here and on Github so stay in touch!

  • This theme is very convenient for a social network
    I already uses the
    Can someone tell me how you install ELGG on Facebook Chat like?

  • @Melly and Stan: You need to deactivate the Custom Index plugin to resolve the "fatal error".

  • My web site's title (logo) doesn't appear completely. How can i change it?

  • If it's an image just change the attributes of height="" and width="" in <img>

  • or just modify the width in the CSS via #facebook-topbar-logo

  • Hello 

    I had the same error, but what I did is to change the theme priodad of ... place it to the first position and I worked ....

    Now I have a problem I can not solve hope someone can help me ...

    Everything works fine, but the home page where login is ... is deconfigured, the searchbox is not in the right place ...

    And change the template language to English and the problem persists

    I leave a link to the image of the problem


  • I think we should add a padding-top css tag

  • Hi Stan,

    This is really a nice plugin. I duff my cap for you!

    There are two issues and will be happy if you can help me out.

    First, If a user comment on anything like photo, post etc, instead of saying "userXX commented on the photo AAAA"  all it does is only show the user avater and body of the comment only. 

    Secondly, Component (Login area) get overlaps on big monitor screen. On my 21 " monitor to be precise.



  • minor bug in friend river item.

    If I see an item showing me and another user becoming friends it's possible that I can see a link to become friends with myself. You just need to rework the logic a bit for that river item to check who the logged in user is in relation to both users in the friend river item.

    EDIT: I was going to suggest something else but I can't find the resource for it anymore and it's not important.

    Keep up the good work


  • @trajan

    Like you, I searched for an answer but not enough time now...

    So to fix it, just remove the item in start.php

    I will remove it for the next version thanks for reporting

  • @stan:

    problem solved... in start.php change line 593 for the following:

    if ($object instanceof ElggUser && !$object->isFriend() && (elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid() !== $object->guid)) {

  • Hello! This is a great theme, thank you :)

    I do have a question, how do I add more links under the avatar on the profile page? It's just missing the hypegallery (only one I've noticed so far). I would switch to tidypics, but for the life of me I couldn't get it to work. Exactly what file do I need to edit to add the links to the profile page? Thank you in advance.

  • @Trajan : awesome! Will be added to the next update ;)

    @Mommy : you can add more links using the file start.php

  • Thank you so much for the quick reply, Yes, that is what I thought. I used to run vbulletin, so I know a handful of stuff that I need to know for php and things, but Elgg is a little different to me. Can I ask you exactly what line I would add it to? Or exactly right under? I looked through the start.php a couple times, I see the links, but it doesn't seem to be in a certain order, so I am not exactly sure where to place the code. I am assuming that once I find that out, I just copy and paste a previous linked code then replace with the gallery info? I'm sorry for sounding stupid, this is the only theme that actually looks good on my site (the rest seem to have horrible looking errors) so I would love to get it looking right. Thanks again for the help Stan :)


    EDIT: Also, how do I make the status update bar look like yours? Please see example below;


    And just one last thing, and I am sorry for so many questions, but how do fix it so that it shows all of the news feed in the box or maybe remove the part that isn't in the box? But I would need to make sure that the page numbers are still there, I took a screenshot for you;

    (Sorry about not posting the actual images here, couldn't figure it out..)

  • the login area works fine on safari and chrome ... but seems to be an issue on firefox and IE.  Are there any solutions to the problem. Thanks


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